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Accreditation for Training Provider

With effect from 1 July 2013:
(vi) OPSOC – Oil/Petrochemical Safety Orientation Course for Workers
(vii) OPISC – Oil/Petrochemical Industry Safety Course for Supervisors
(viii) SOC(MH) – Safety Orientation Course (Manhole) for Workers
(ix)  SIC(MH) – Safety Instruction Course (Manhole) for Supervisors

With immediate effect, newly approved or renewed MOM ATP licenses for the above courses will only be valid up till 30 June 2013 (Date Inclusive). Any existing MOM ATP licenses for the above courses with validity periods exceeding the transition date of 1 July 2013 will also cease to be valid by 30 June 2013.

Training Providers who wish to conduct the above courses after 30 June 2013 must submit their applications to WDA's website. For further enquiries, you may e-mail to or call +65 6883 5885.

You may apply for a new Competent Organisation Certificate of Registration online:

(SingPass required)

After your application is complete, you may print your Certificate of Competency online, or receive your certificate by email.

Application criteria

  • Individuals are not eligible for accreditation as Accredited Training Provider
  • Each application submitted will be considered to be in respect of a course conducted in ONE language only. For a course conducted in a language other than English, the applicant must submit the course/teaching materials and examination questions/answers in the intended language for approval by MOM. The applicant shall also ensure that the course/teaching materials and examination questions/answers are accurate translations of the approved English version
  • Only one ATP will be allowed to conduct a specific course at one location address. MOM will not consider a new application from another organisation/institution conducting the same course at the same location address
  • New ATP Applicants need to be certified as bizSAFE level 3. Existing ATPs will need to attain bizSAFE level 3 by 30 June 2011
  • New ATP Applicants must have a minimum of: 

        i.   one full time Principal/Manager, 

        ii.  one full time Trainer with full Advanced Certification in Training Assessment (ACTA) (6 units) certification, and 

        iii. one Associate Trainer who has obtained at least four of the six ACTA Competency Units (CUs).

    Existing ATPs will need to comply with this requirement by 30 June 2011.
  • New ATP Applicants seeking to teach the following courses should have a minimum paid-up capital of $50,000: 

        i. Construction Safety Orientation Course for Workers; 
        ii. Safety Orientation Course for Workers (Metalworking);
        iii. Oil/Petrochemical Industries Safety Orientation Course for Workers; and
        iv. Shipyard Safety Instruction Courses for Workers (General Trade, Hot-work Trade or Painter Trade).

    New ATP Applicants seeking to teach courses, other than the above mentioned four courses, should have a minimum paid-up capital of $5,000.

    Existing ATPs will need to comply with this requirement by 30 June 2011.
  • For the addition of ATP trainer application, ATP will need to submit partial ACTA certification (4 Competent Units or CUs comprising CU1, CU2, CU4 & CU6) for each trainer submitted. All existing trainers who do not have this certification of 4CUs of the ACTA must comply by 30 June 2011. For further information on ACTA course, please refer here.
  • From 31 December 2011 onwards, all ATP trainers seeking to teach a particular Supervisor or Manager-level course for the first time must be certified in Specialist Diploma in WSH (Level C). Existing trainers teaching a particular Supervisor or Manager-level course need to meet the minimum criterion of passing Safety Officer Training Course {SOTC} and a pass in RM Test before applying to teach the same course in a different ATP.
  • All ATP trainers seeking to teach a particular course for the first time must have at least five years relevant (relevant in terms of specific trade and industry) working experience.
  • To confirm whether Level B or C Certification is required, please refer to WSH Professional Qualification Requirements

Documents required

  1. To help us to expedite your application, please ensure that all relevant documents in the list below are submitted
    with your online application.
  2. For documents that exceed 3MB in file size, the soft copy are to be saved in a single-write CD-ROM and submitted in a sealed envelope marked “New Application for Accredited Training Provider Certification”: If necessary, MOM may require you to produce the original document for verification
  3. All folders and documents must be appropriately named for easy identification
  Document Remarks
1 ATP Declaration Form
pdfDownload and complete the ATP Declaration Form – failure to submit this form will render application VOID
2 Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions  PDFDownload and complete the last page (acknowledgement) of the Terms and Conditions
 3 Business profile An up-to-date copy of the Certificate of Registry of Companies and Businesses (stating the paid-up capital) or other proof of financial standing.

For societies, non-profit organisations, statutory boards, government agencies etc, please provide an up-to-date financial statement.
4 Course syllabus that conforms to the approved course syllabus
  • Total duration of the course
  • A session by session description of the topics to be covered
  • The objective/duration of each session
  • Duration of examination, if there is examination to be conducted
5 Proposed course notes
E.g. proposed hand-outs for participants/trainees.
6 Assessment Plan 
As specified in the course Curriculum Development Advisory (CDA).
Two sets of proposed examination questions with answers and marking/passing scheme
Including sample copy of proposed examination paper and answer sheet.
List of two or more proposed trainers who are competent and meet approving criteria
Please include full name, NRIC/Passport number and current occupation.
Supporting documents for approval of proposed trainers

Copies of supporting documents for the proposed trainers (curriculum vitae [CV], academic certificates, relevant professional certificates, safety and health training certificates, etc)
Layout plan and photographs of the Training premises and classrooms
Photographs and layout plans/floor plans of the training premises and classrooms indicating their dimensions 
Layout plan and photographs of the practical training area and description of equipment for practical sessions

For Marine Metal Scaffold course, and other scaffold courses, submit drawings showing dimensions of the mock-up bulkhead structures available for the practical training

12 A sample of the PDFcertificate / PDFpass to be awarded to successful candidates
Acceptable document format - MS Word, PDF or JPEG
Other information to support the application

Copies of letters of accreditation from other authorities or accreditation bodies, if any.
14 Investment of hardware and software to link up with MOM Centralised
Question Bank

Applicable to Construction Safety Orientation Course for Workers (General Trade), Shipyard Safety Instruction Course for Workers (General Trade) and Safety Orientation Course for Workers (Metalworking).

Completed checklist for training facilities and equipment
Download and complete pdfAnnex 5
16 bizSAFE level 3 Certificate

Letters of Appointment/ Employment Letters for Full-time Staff

Letter should indicate full-time employment for at least 1 Principal/Manager and 1 Trainer.
18 Trainer's Curriculum Vitae
A detailed description of work experience (including detailed job scope) which must be relevant to the ATP course applied for
Full ACTA (6 CUs) certification for mandatory Full-time Trainer. Partial ACTA (4 CUs) certification for other trainer applications.
Partial ACTA (4 CUs) comprises CU1, CU2, CU4 & CU6.
20 Trainer's Workplace and Safety & Health Professional Certification Advance Certificate in WSH (Level B course) or Safety Coordinator Training Course (SCTC) Certification for trainers teaching Worker level courses; Specialist Diploma in WSH (Level C) certificate or equivalent (eg. have passed Safety Officer Training Course (SOTC) and RM Test for Safety Officer), for trainers teaching Supervisor and Manager level courses as well as restricted and skills/specialised courses.
21 Trainer's other professional certificates
22 Fitness Declaration
(Applicable to trainers aged 60 and above for the course involving practical component)
docFitness Declaration by ATP that all Trainers aged 60 and above who are required to conduct practical training are medically and physically fit to conduct the practical training for the course in question and that ATP will ensure they are physically and medically fit at all times for this purpose

Important points

  • Please read the pdfTerms and Conditions for Accredited Training Providers before submitting your application
  • Application fee of $550
  • Before an online application can be processed, payment must be made
  • Incomplete application forms and submissions by mail will not be processed or considered
  • Documents that exceed 3MB in file size are to be mailed to MOM. They should be saved in a single-write CD-ROM, with your organisation's name, application type, e-submission number, submission date and signature of organisation's relevant representatives and/or personnel written on the top surface of the CD-ROM
  • The CD-ROM should be sealed in an envelope marked “Accredited Training Provider Certification” and mailed to the following address:

    Ministry of Manpower Services Centre
    Occupational Safety and Health Division
    1500 Bendemeer Road #03-02
    Singapore 339946
  • The CD-ROM is non-returnable
  • Application fees are non-refundable
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