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Workplace Safety & Health

Workplace Safety & HealthSingapore adopts a national, strategic and long term approach to achieve sustainable, continuous improvement in Workplace Safety and Health performance. WSH 2018, the National Strategy for Workplace Safety and Health for Singapore, aims to bring down the national fatality rate to less than 1.8 per 100,000 workers by 2018, and thus achieve one of the best safety records in the world.

The Ministry of Manpower places considerable emphasis on inculcating a culture of safety and health in all workplaces, and reinforcing the message that poor safety management could lead to costly losses. All employees and stakeholders are encouraged to take responsibility for workplace safety and health, and proactively plan to minimise risks. Also, those who create workplace safety and health risks will be held accountable.

Visit the sections below to understand Workplace Safety and Health-related legislation and guidelines, employer’s obligations and training opportunities available to improve safety at the workplace.

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