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Submit a ConSASS audit

Construction companies with a worksite contract sum of $30 million or more need to submit their workplace's safety and health management system (SHMS) audit using the Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS).

At a glance

Who can submit Company's workplace safety and health (WSH) auditor.
When to submit After an audit is completed.
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What is ConSASS?

ConSASS has the following uses:

For this group ConSASS is
WSH auditors An audit tool to assess a workplace’s SHMS.
Companies For companies to:
  • Get a profile of the status and maturity level of a workplace’s SHMS. This enables companies to better allocate resources to improve safety and health standards at the workplace.
  • Compare how effective different workplaces are in managing their safety and health risks.


You will need the following to submit an audit:

  • Your ID and SingPass.
  • Workplace number, workplace name and address of the employer.
  • Completed ConSASS checklist, scorecard and final audit report.

How to submit

You can submit the ConSASS audit online:

  1. Log in to the eService.
  2. Fill out the ConSASS scorecard.
  3. Attach the ConSASS checklist, scorecard and final audit report.
  4. Complete the submission.
Save your work frequently. You can retrieve a saved draft submission and work on it later.

Download ConSASS resources

For more ConSASS information and resources, refer to the following: