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Licensing Criteria

To apply for an Employment Agency licence, your company must meet the licensing criteria before proceeding with the application.

  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident at the point of application. If you are a foreigner applying for an employment agency licence for a business/company/limited liability partnership (LLP), you are required to obtain an Employment Pass which will allow you to work in that particular business/company/LLP;
  • Be registered with ACRA as owner/director/managing director/manager of the business/company/limited liability partnership (LLP) at the point of application;
  • Ensure that either ‘Maid Agencies' (SSIC 78103), or ‘Employment Agencies (excluding maid agencies)' (SSIC 78104) or ‘Executive Search Agencies' (SSIC 78105), is registered as one of your principal activities at the point of application;
  • Ensure that your partner, agent, owner, manager, director, managing director and shareholder as listed in your ACRA registration do not have any conviction records (particularly under Women's Charter, Children and Young Persons Act, Penal Code, Immigration Act, Employment Agencies Act and Employment of Foreign Workers Act);
  • Furnish a Security Deposit of $20,000 in the form of Banker's Guarantee during the In-Principle Approval (IPA) stage;
  • Have an appropriate operating premise subject to the relevant authority's approval for appropriate land use (e.g. Jurong Town Council, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Housing and Development Board); and
  • Pay a licence fee of $350 after your application has been approved.

EA Licence applicants cannot be an undischarged bankrupt. They also cannot have any previous court convictions records (particularly under Women's Charter, Children and Young Persons Act, Penal Code, Immigration Act, Employment Agencies Act and Employment of Foreign Manpower Act).

Certificate of Employment Intermediaries

Under the New Employment Agency (EA) Regulatory Framework, a new Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (CEI) will replace the current Certificate for Employment Agencies (CEA). The CEI aims to equip EA personnel with the necessary knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations. This ensures that the EAs understand the law and their obligations, thereby raising their professional knowledge and service to their clients.

All EA personnel of Comprehensive Licence EAs need to attain CEI. Key appointment holders (KAH) are required to pass the CEI (KAH) test, regardless whether they perform EA work or not. Other EA personnel performing EA work as specified in the EA Act are similarly required to pass the CEI (Basic) test. The tests for CEI (KAH) and CEI (Basic) are based on the respective course content.

Existing Certificate for Employment Agencies (CEA) holders and those who had previously been exempted from CEA are required to attend CEI (KAH) - Abridged Course, available from 1 May to 15 June 2011. Those who fail to attend the bridging programme by 15 June 2011 will need to attain the CEI.

Additional criteria for placement of Foreign Domestic Workers

If you intend to carry out any form of recruitment or placement activities for Foreign Domestic Workers

  • You must possess an Accreditation Certificate and,
  • You must have previously held an EA licence;
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