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Training Employment Pass - When you apply

Application Process

Training Employment Pass applications can be submitted online or manually at any SingPost branch office.

Applicants are not required to be present in Singapore while their applications are being assessed. For applicants who are already in Singapore at the point of application, MOM will not grant an extension of visit passes that are due to expire on account that the outcome of the applications is not yet known. Employers are advised to bring in applicants of Training Employment Passes only when the outcomes of the applications are successful.

Online Application

Step 1: Submission of application

  • A Training Employment Pass application can be made online through EP Online - an online portal for selected work pass transactions.
  • A $70 administrative fee will be charged for each new application submitted and payment can be made online using GIRO, Visa/MasterCard or eNETs Debit.
Submission of Supporting Documents

Companies are required to upload relevant supporting documents when submitting a Training Employment Pass application. This means that employers will no longer need to submit physical copies of most supporting documents at MOM's Employment Pass Services Centre for verification.

As the documents submitted online are for verification purposes, please ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • clear and correct copies of the documents are submitted;
  • the recommended scanner resolution is 150dpi or more;
  • only PDF file format would be acceptable for the document upload. Each document file size must not exceed 2MB; and
  • supporting documents which are not in English should be submitted together with an official English translation. Both documents must be scanned and uploaded as one file.

Step 2: Assessment and approval

  • Approximately 80% of applications are processed within seven days. The applicant may check application status online.
  • The sponsoring company can log in to EP Online to print the In-Principle Approval letter online, once the Training Employment Pass application has been approved. This letter is valid for six months from the date of the letter.

Step 3: Collection of pass

Manual Application

Step 1: Submission of application

  • Download the pdfTraining Employment Pass Application Form (Find out more on the eligibility criteria and important information before you apply for a Training Employment Pass.)
  • Please refer to the List of Standard Occupation below before filling the 'Occupation' field in the application form:
    • A-Z List of Occupations
      For more information on the general description of the various occupation groupings, please refer to the Singapore Department of Statistics website.
    • Submit the completed Training Employment Pass application form and supporting documents in person at any SingPost post office (MOM-appointed collecting agent).
    • A $70 administrative fee will be charged for each new application submitted and payment can be made at SingPost using cash, NETS or CashCard.
    • A SingPost payment advice slip will be issued at the post office upon submission of an application. All applications will be sent to MOM.

Step 2: Assessment and approval

  • The processing time is about five weeks.
  • The applicant may check on the assigned Foreign Identify Number (FIN) and application status online about 21 days after submitting the application.
  • An In-Principle Approval letter will be mailed to the sponsoring company if the Training Employment Pass application has been approved.

Step 3: Collection of pass

Read up on the collection procedure for the Training Employment Pass.

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