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At a glance

Who can apply

Employers or company representatives.

Note: A CorpPass account is required to transact with MOM. Apply for a CorpPass account if you don’t have one.

How long to complete form 20 to 30 minutes.
When to apply At least 2 months before start of FWS.
How long it takes

At least 3 months.

May take longer if:

  • Interviews have to be conducted.
  • Information provided is incorrect or incomplete.

What do I need before I can apply for flexible work schedule?Show

To transact with MOM, you need:

Before applying, you must do the following:

  • Justify your need to apply for flexible work schedule.
  • Ensure that your employees will continue to receive their monthly basic salary while working less than their contractual hours.
  • Have a good track record in safety and health.
  • Gain more than 50% consent from your employees or union if your company is unionised.

You must write a proposal with the following details:

  • Particulars of company (e.g. ACRA registration number, contact number of person in charge of the application or scheme)..
  • Reason why flexible work schedule is needed.
  • Start date of flexible work schedule.
  • Name of union, if unionised.
  • Contact number, names and nature of work of affected employees.
  • Written agreement from affected employees, or union if your company is unionised. The agreement should be signed by both parties.

Find out more about flexible work schedule.

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