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Why do I need to attend EOP?Show

The Employers’ Orientation Programme (EOP) provides employers with a basic understanding of their roles and responsibilities when hiring a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) and is a compulsory programme for first-time employers.

Who can apply for exemption from attending EOP?Show

If you wish to apply for exemption from attending EOP, you must meet the requirements.

What info do I need to apply?Show

  • SingPass
  • Employer’s particulars
  • Sponsor, spouse or representative’s particulars
  • Employment agency contact details and licence number (for employment agencies applying on behalf of an employer)

What should I do when I receive the approval for EOP exemption?Show

You should do the following:

  1. Proceed to submit their work permit application.
  2. Retain the sponsor, spouse or representative’s certificate of attendance for EOP, letter from doctor (for chronic medical conditions/physical disability) and copy of the marriage/divorce certificate for three months for audit purposes.

Get helpShow

For instructions, please refer to:

For enquiries, please contact MOM:

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Last Updated: 08 January 2016