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Employment Agency Directories

Type of Employment Agency Additional Information
Employment Agency Search

This e-service allows user to search for all licensed employment agencies.

Employment Agency Personnel Search

This e-service allows user to search for all employment agency personnel.

pdf Employment Agencies under surveillance

Demerit points are issued when the agency infringes the Employment Agencies Act, Rules or Licensing Conditions. The demerit points are valid for a period of 12 months from the date they were administered. An agency which accumulates 12 or more demerit points at any point in time would be placed on MOM's surveillance list for a period of 12 months. Upon accumulating 12 demerit points, employment agencies will have their WPOL and EPOL accounts suspended for 3 months. These agencies will be warned that further infringements will lead to licence revocation.

pdf Revoked Employment Agencies Agencies that have had their licences revoked due to severe infringements.


If you have information on possible infringements of the Employment Agencies Act, please fill up the pdfFeedback on Employment Agency form and send it by post to:

The Foreign Manpower Management Division
Ministry of Manpower
1500 Bendemeer Road, #02-01
MOM Services Centre
Singapore 339946

You can also email the information to us at

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