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Am I allowed to send my Work Permit or S Pass holders to work at my client's place?

Yes. In general, foreign workers (work permit or S Passes) are allowed to work at your client’s place. This is provided your company fulfils the following conditions:

  • Your workers are at your client’s place to provide your company’s service under a contractual agreement.
  • Your company remains the employer which manages the workers and pays their salary.
  • The work activities are relevant to the occupation and sector which your workers are employed.

There are some restrictions for those in the construction and marine shipyard sectors:

  • Your construction workers can only work in a construction worksite.
  • If you are a resident contractor of a shipyard, your marine trades workers can only work in that shipyard.
  • A cleaning firm that is providing cleaning services to a condominium.
  • A power generator manufacturer that is installing or repairing the generator at a client’s factory.