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Living in Singapore

Key information for expatriates living or relocating to Singapore.


With a population of just under 5 million, Singapore is home to a multicultural local workforce of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races.

Sound workplace integration policies and a common working language have made unity and diversity prominent features of its workforce.

Many companies here ensure fair working environments that reward individuals based on merit. Businesses prize the Singapore workforce for its high literacy rate, competency levels and ability to bridge Asian and Western cultures.

With over 110,000 expatriates and 7,000 multinational companies operating here, global citizens will also feel right at home forging a career in Singapore.

Useful websites

The table below provides a key resources for expatriates living or relocating to Singapore:

Immigration Visas: Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore

Work passes

Passes for family members:
Embassies Visas: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Settling in Orientation programmes:
Expatriate communities Websites and forums:
Schools Education system in Singapore: Council for Private Education
International schools:
Housing Council for Estate Agencies: Council for Estate Agencies
Singapore property classifieds: Singapore Expats
HDB flats: HDB
Tax Information and CPF Tax information: Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
Central Provident Fund (CPF)
Public transport Mass Rapid Transit (MRT): SMRT
Taxis: Singapore taxis
Communications Telecommunication providers: Local media:
Foreign domestic workers Work Permit to hire a foreign domestic worker
Citizenship and permanent residency Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore

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