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Migrant domestic worker interview

All first-time MDWs must attend an interview required by MOM. The interview will typically be held in the first few months of employment, and attendance is compulsory. Find out what to expect for the interview.

If your MDW is due for the interview, you will receive a letter notifying you of the scheduled date and time. As her employer, you must ensure that your MDW attends the interview.

What is the MDW interview

The MDW interview allows MOM to ensure that your MDW is settling into her new working and living environment, especially if she is working in Singapore for the first time. If your MDW can adapt well, it can help foster a harmonious relationship between her and your family.

What is the MDW interview process

The interview will be conducted by the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) on behalf of MOM.

CDE is a non-governmental organisation set up by the Singapore's National Trades Union Congress (SNTUC) to help both local and migrant domestic workers address work-related challenges that they may face.

During the interview, your MDW will be asked well-being related questions, such as whether she is eating and sleeping well, performing her work in safe conditions. She will also be reminded of her rights and responsibilities.

Attending the interview

How to attend

By WhatsApp video calls

CDE will conduct the interview through WhatsApp Messenger within 15 minutes of the scheduled date and time stated on the interview letter.

When The specific date and time will be in your interview letter.
Duration 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Documents to prepare
  • The interview letter
  • Her Work Permit card
  • Her employment contract
  • Any other documents, if requested

During the interview, you are to ensure that your MDW is alone and has adequate privacy. Recording of the interview is not allowed.

CDE will be interviewing your MDW over a video call.

Changing interview arrangements

You can contact CDE if you need to:

  • Make alternative arrangements, e.g. to contact your MDW’s mobile phone directly.
  • Reschedule the appointment. Please contact CDE at least 3 working days before your scheduled appointment date.

If your MDW does not attend the interview, her Work Permit may be revoked.