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Home-based six-monthly medical examination (6ME) service

You can get your helper’s 6ME done at home if you meet the conditions.


Your helper can use the home-based 6ME service if she is only due for pregnancy, syphilis and HIV tests.

If your helper is due for a TB test, you'll still need to send her to a clinic for her 6ME.


The home-based 6ME service allows your helper to get the 6ME done at home. This is especially helpful if your family situation makes it difficult for your helper to leave your home, e.g. if you have care-giving needs.

The service will also provide you added convenience:

  • You will receive the test results when they are ready, and don't need to collect them from the clinic.
  • You don’t need to send the results to MOM, the results will be automatically sent by the service provider.

How to get the 6ME done at home

If you meet the conditions and wish to use the home-based 6ME service:

  1. Make an appointment with MOM’s approved service provider:
  2. On the appointment date, ensure that your helper is at home.
  3. The service provider’s healthcare personnel will go to your house to collect her blood sample and 6ME form.

    The service provider’s personnel is required to produce the staff pass for identification showing the:
    • Company name and logo
    • Staff’s name and photo
  4. The service provider will send her blood sample to a licensed laboratory for testing. A Singapore-registered doctor will certify her 6ME test results.
  5. After 10 working days, you will receive the completed 6ME form. If your helper was found to be pregnant or had contracted syphilis, the service provider will also inform MOM for you. You don't need to inform us.