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COVID-19 precautionary measures for confinement nannies

Actions to be taken by employers or employment agencies to bring confinement nannies into Singapore
As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on 19 May 2020 to resume activities in phases, there are changes to our work pass services from 2 June 2020.

To reduce the risk of importing the COVID-19 virus, we are restricting the entry of foreigners into Singapore.

All employers and employment agencies are strongly urged to defer bringing nannies into Singapore. Alternatively, employers can consider hiring nannies who are already in Singapore, instead of hiring those from overseas.

Do also note that upon arrival in Singapore, nannies from overseas must serve a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN). Thus, there could be significant delays before they can work.

If you still wish to bring a nanny from overseas into Singapore, you may proceed with the following. However, please note that chances of getting an entry approval are very slim:

  1. Ensure you can fulfil the additional responsibilities to bring the nanny in.
  2. Request for MOM’s entry approval before the nanny can enter Singapore using the relevant links for:

    The party who submits the entry approval request is responsible for the following:

    • Ensuring the nanny has a Singapore mobile number. Her phone must also have internet connection and WhatsApp installed. You will need her Singapore mobile number to submit the entry approval request.
    • Fulfilling the additional responsibilities to bring the nanny in.

    Applications open daily from 12:01pm and close at 12pm the next day.

    Requests received during this period are for arrivals within 14 days after the application closes (e.g. for arrivals in Singapore from 25 March 2020 to 7 April 2020, you can submit the request from 23 March 2020, 12:01pm to 24 March 2020, 12pm).

    Use our entry approval calculator to plan when to submit your request.

    Applications submitted:

    • By 12pm: Will receive the outcome on the same day.
    • After 12pm: Will receive the outcome the next day.
  3. Wait for MOM’s approval before arranging for the nanny to enter Singapore.

The nanny must complete her 14-day SHN before she can work. If her visit pass is expiring, please request for an extension at least 1 week before it expires.

Additional responsibilities for party who submits the entry approval request (employer or employment agency)

Expansion of enhanced Stay-Home Notice (SHN) requirements to all countries

All nannies entering Singapore from 9 April 2020, 23:59 hours, must serve a 14-day self-isolation at dedicated SHN facilities. They cannot serve the SHN at another place.

Once they arrive, they will be informed of the location and sent directly to the facility. The cost for the facility will be absorbed by the Government.

However, returnees who disregarded prevailing travel advisories and left Singapore from 27 March 2020, must bear the full cost of their 14-day SHN at dedicated SHN facilities.

For more details, please refer to MOH’s press release or contact the SHN helpline at 6812 5555.

Please take note of your additional responsibilities before submitting the entry approval request:

When What you need to do
Before the nanny leaves for Singapore
After the nanny enters Singapore
  • Ensure she complies with the mandatory 14-day SHN upon arrival in Singapore.
  • Ensure the mobile phone prepared is given to her. If her number has changed, please update it immediately.
  • Ensure she acts on our SMS, which will be sent within 2 to 3 days of her arrival, asking her to download the Homer mobile app. She must also have a thermometer to take and report her temperature 3 times a day using the Homer app. 
  • Reschedule non-emergency medical needs (e.g. follow-up visits for chronic conditions or refilling of prescription) so that she does not need to leave the facility during the SHN.

Employers who are unable to fulfil the obligations above may get employment agencies to help with the entry approval and SHN arrangements. In this case, the employment agency needs to fulfil the obligations above.

If no party is willing and able to fulfil the obligations, the nanny should not enter Singapore.

What confinement nannies must do during their 14-day SHN

Nannies must:

  • Not leave the dedicated facility throughout the 14-day SHN.
  • Carry their mobile phones with internet connection at all times. They must respond to MOM’s phone calls, WhatsApp video calls or SMSes within 1 hour.
  • Report their locations and temperatures 3 times a day to MOM using the Homer mobile app. 
  • Not have any visitors and must minimise contact with others.
  • Maintain a record of persons they come into close contact with.
  • Act responsibly based on any advisories issued by the Singapore Government.

Penalties for non-compliance

Employers, employment agencies and confinement nannies have a collective duty to ensure the entry approval and SHN requirements are complied with.

Enforcement action, including revocation of work passes and suspension of work pass privileges, will be taken if the requirements are not complied with. Demerit points will also be imposed on employment agencies whose actions result in violation of the requirements by confinement nannies.