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COVID-19 precautionary measures for Work Holiday Pass holders

Actions to be taken by Work Holiday Pass (WHP) holders if they wish to enter Singapore from overseas.

With immediate effect, pass holders coming from Malaysia (all modes of travel) must also obtain MOM’s entry approval before they can enter Singapore. Upon entry, they must serve the 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN).

However, those who provide essential services or supplies (e.g. lorry drivers, vegetable or frozen supply truckers) coming from Malaysia by land or sea crossing are exempted from the entry approval and SHN requirements.

To reduce the risk of importing the COVID-19 virus, we are restricting the entry of pass holders into Singapore.

All pass holders are strongly urged to defer entry to Singapore.

If you need to extend the validity of your in-principle approval (IPA), please submit your request at least 2 weeks before the IPA expires.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in doing your part to safeguard the interest of Singapore’s public health.

If you are unable to defer entry to Singapore, you may proceed with the following. However, please note that chances of getting an entry approval are very slim:

  1. Ensure you can fulfil the additional responsibilities for WHP holders to enter Singapore.
  2. Request for MOM’s entry approval before you can enter Singapore.

    Applications open daily from 12:01pm and close at 12pm the next day.

    Requests received during this period are for arrivals within 10 days after the application closes (e.g. for arrivals in Singapore from 17 Mar 2020 to 26 Mar 2020, you can submit the request from 15 Mar 2020, 12:01pm to 16 Mar 2020, 12pm).

    Use our entry approval calculator to plan when to submit your request.

    Applications submitted:

    • By 12pm: Will receive the outcome on the same day.
    • After 12pm: Will receive the outcome the next day.
  3. Wait for MOM’s approval before entering Singapore.
For pass holders with Hubei-issued passports or recent travel history to Hubei, please defer your entry to Singapore as far as possible.

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