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COVID-19 precautionary measures for PEP holders

Actions to be taken by Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) holders if they or their dependants are currently overseas.

All pass holders (work pass holders and dependants) must obtain entry approvals from the relevant government agencies to enter Singapore.

All pass holders, regardless of travel history, must be fully vaccinated before arrival. For details, you can also refer to the vaccination FAQs.

Note: The vaccination condition for entry will not apply to those entering Singapore under the Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA).

PEP holders (with employers) who meet all of these conditions
  • Have an issued PEP, i.e. not on in-principle approval (IPA)
  • Are Malaysians or Malaysia PRs
  • Entering Singapore by land
  • Staying in Singapore for at least 90 days for work
Employers can bring them in under the PCA scheme.
All other PEP holders, including those on IPA, and their dependants
  • PEP holders with employers: Their employers can apply for entry using the SafeTravel portal under the Work Pass Holder General Lane for them and their dependants. For more details on the application procedures, refer to SafeTravel website.

  • PEP holders without employers: Must continue to request for MOM’s entry approval for themselves and their dependants.

Request for MOM's entry approval

MOM's entry approval is only for PEP holders (without employers) and their dependants to enter Singapore. To proceed, PEP holders ("Submitters") must:  

  1. Ensure they and their dependants can comply with the prevailing travel health control measures listed on SafeTravel website. These include paying for the entry charges (e.g. COVID-19 tests and stay at the dedicated SHN facility).

  2. Use our entry approval calculator to plan when to request for MOM’s entry approval.

  3. Ensure there are available flights / transport and they and their dependants can travel to Singapore on the planned arrival date before requesting for MOM’s entry approval.  

    Note: If the request is approved, submitters must pay for the entry charges, even if they and their dependants do not enter Singapore as planned.

  4. Request for MOM's entry approval. The outcome will be sent by email on the next working day. 

    For entry approval requests submitted Get outcome
    From Monday to Friday
    Next working day                 


    On weekends or public holidays
    From 28 Jan 2022 to 31 Jan 2022
    3 Feb 2022
  5. Wait for MOM's approval. Once an approval is obtained, please confirm the flight / transport immediately and make the arrangements to enter Singapore.

Pass holders are encouraged to buy medical insurance with the appropriate coverage before entering Singapore as they are responsible for their medical expenses if they develop COVID-19 symptoms or test positive within 14 days of arrival in Singapore.