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No MCs Needed or Leave to be Cut for Childcare Leave

  • My Paper (11 September 2008) : No MCs Needed or Leave to be Cut for Childcare Leave      
  • My Paper (09 September 2008) : Bosses Getting Around New Benefits  
  • My Paper (05 September 2008) : Childcare Leave Should Be Made Compulsory   


No MCs Needed or Leave to be Cut for Childcare Leave
- My Paper, 11 September 2008

Please refer to the letters in My Paper, "Childcare leave should be made compulsory" (5 September) from Ms Evelynhung Felani Ricko and "Bosses getting around new benefits" (9 September) from Ms Matilda Lee. 

2.   The Government has announced that from 17 August 08, working parents will be entitled to 6 days of paid Childcare Leave per parent per year until the child turns seven. Before the legislation takes effect, employers are encouraged to voluntarily grant the additional Childcare Leave to their employees.  The Government will fund its share of the benefits if employers voluntarily do so. After October 08 when the legislation takes effect, it will be compulsory for employers to grant the Childcare Leave.  

3.   Working parents will be entitled to 3 days of pro-rated Childcare Leave this year (between 17 August 08 and 31 December 08). These 3 days will be employer-paid. Where employers are able to grant up to the full 6 days of Childcare Leave during this period, the Government will pay for the additional days of childcare leave taken, up to the maximum of 3 days. From 1 January 09, the Childcare Leave entitlement will be 6 days per year for eligible employees.

4.   Working parents should be allowed to take paid Childcare Leave to take care of their child. Therefore, companies should not require a medical certificate or letter from childcare centre. Employers should also not reduce or hold back the employee's annual leave to make up for the extended Childcare Leave. This would defeat the purpose of this new measure. Nonetheless, as in all other forms of paid leave, both the employer and employee should discuss and mutually agree on a suitable time to take the Childcare Leave. 

5.   We would like to invite Ms Ricko and Ms Lee to contact the Ministry at 6438 5122 to provide us with more details of their case. 


Bosses Getting Around New Benefits
- My Paper, 09 September 2008

After details of the M&P package were announced, my company informed that, with effect from Jan 1 next year, those who were entitled to childcare leave would have two days of annual leave – which are granted for long service- withheld until they were no longer eligible for childcare leave. She asked if i) the company has the right to withdraw the two days of leave; ii) two extra days of annual leave are considered as 'incentive leave'; and iii) if childcare leave is separate from annual leave.


Childcare Leave Should Be Made Compulsory
- My Paper, 05 September 2008

A My Paper reader wondered why childcare leave is not compulsory, according to the FAQ on the MOM website, MOM only "strongly urges all employers to implement childcare leave at their workplaces". She received an email from her company that the new entitlements would be granted to staff only from next year and those who wish to apply for childcare leave had to attach their child's MC or a letter from the childcare centre stating the child was not well. However, she quoted that the FAQ on MOM website states that no medical certificate is required. She expressed her disappointment with her company's policy and the fact that there are no regulations stipulating that employers must implement the new parental benefits.