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CPF Advisory Panel to hold Focus Group Discussions to seek views on Alternative Investment Choices

  1. The CPF Advisory Panel will be holding focus group discussions (FGDs) to gather views from the public on how to provide greater flexibility for CPF members who wish to seek higher returns and are prepared to take higher investment risks, through private investment plans. The FGDs are part of the Panel’s continuing work on the remaining areas under its purview.
  2. More details of the sessions are available at The Panel also welcomes written feedback from the public on alternative investment choices for CPF members at
  3. The Panel will take into consideration the feedback received as part of its deliberation process and aims to submit Part 2 of its recommendations later this year.
  4. The CPF Advisory Panel was formed in September 2014 to study enhancements to some key aspects of the CPF system, to make it more flexible to meet the needs of Singaporeans and provide additional options in retirement. In February 2015, the Panel had submitted Part One of its recommendations1 ertaining to future adjustments of the Retirement Sum, and the issue of lump sum withdrawals.


  1. More information on Part 1 of CPF Advisory Panel’s recommendations at: