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Our Singapore Conversation On Jobs

20 May 2013

  1. To thrive in the future global economy, Singapore will need a highly adaptive and resilient workforce, with Singaporeans who are able to work together with employers to co-create, innovate and contribute to improving productivity.
  2. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will convene four sessions under the Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) umbrella to engage the public on how we can enable and empower them to achieve their career aspirations in the future economy.

    Focus themes for MOM-OSC sessions
  3. We will engage Singaporeans on two broad themes for the MOM-OSC sessions:

    a) Lifelong Learning - Continuing Education and Training (CET)

    With rapid changes in the economy, Singaporeans will need to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to stay ahead. We will invite Singaporeans from all walks of life to share their views on lifelong learning. This will help us to develop our Continuing Education and Training (CET) landscape to provide Singaporeans with better support to improve themselves and achieve their career aspirations.

    b) Level the Playing Field - Giving Singaporeans Fair Consideration for Job Opportunities

    As Singaporeans invest in their education and training, it is important that we have a level playing field for them in the workplace. Some Singaporeans have shared anecdotes of heads of business units hiring candidates of the same nationality, for reasons that are irrelevant to job performance. Others have provided feedback of undue haste in the recruitment process where some employers take the expedient route of relying on a ready stock of foreign candidates instead of searching for candidates in the local job market. We invite Singaporeans, employers and employees alike, to share their views on how to encourage firms to give fair consideration to Singaporeans in their hiring practices, while continuing to allow firms to hire the best team that they need – both local and foreign – to remain competitive.
  4. MOM’s OSC sessions will be conducted in the month of June 2013. More details of the sessions (such as dates and how to sign up) are available on the MOM website ( We look forward to the active participation of our key stakeholders and the general public in exchanging ideas and views on how the Government can work together with our people and help Singaporeans prepare for the future challenges and economy.