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Joint Response to Media Queries on Statements by NGOs/individuals and Former SMRT Driver He Junling

26 April 2013

  1. The two statements repeat allegations the Government has already answered.
  2. The drivers did not raise their complaints with the Police or the courts. He Junling in fact withdrew his allegation and then contradicted himself. Nevertheless the Police Internal Affairs Office investigated their claims and found them baseless. The Attorney General's Chambers concurred with these findings.
  3. He Junling now repeats his claim that he had been ill-treated but again gives no details. Either he makes a police report and substantiates his allegation with evidence or the allegations must be regarded as unfounded and spurious. He cannot have it both ways – casting a smear without having to offer any proof.
  4. The NGOs and individuals who issued the statement should have facilitated a proper investigation of He’s allegations, instead of hindering the investigation while continuing to cast aspersions on the integrity of the Police.
  5. The NGOs and individuals also continue to repeat their reckless allegations about our labour laws, unions, and the Ministry of Manpower without any basis. Our tripartite system could not have worked for more than 40 years now if it had been based on oppression of workers and suppression of labour rights.
  6. In the guise of protecting vulnerable foreign workers, the NGOs and individuals have in fact exploited them for their own political ends.
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Manpower