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Labour Force Survey of Singapore/Consumer Durables Survey, June 2007

The Manpower Research and Statistics Department of the Ministry of Manpower is conducting the Labour Force Survey from 21 May 2007 to 31 Jul 2007.  The purpose of the survey is to collect data on employment, unemployment and other economic characteristics of the population to help in the planning and formulation of manpower-related policies.



2.   A sample of 33,000 households has been selected for the survey. Data items to be collected include name, sex, age, education, marital status, employment status, occupation, industry and income of each household member. 


3.   Of the 33,000 households, 11,000 have also been selected to participate in the Consumer Durables Survey, as part of a joint effort between the Manpower Research and Statistics Department and the Singapore Department of Statistics.  This survey aims to collect information on the type of consumer durables available in the household to help in the assessment of the standard of living of our households.


4.   Both surveys will be conducted through the Internet Household Survey System (iHSS), telephone or face-to-face interviews.  The iHSS provides a fast, safe and convenient means for households to submit their information.  Households with Internet access are encouraged to participate in the survey using the iHSS.   Our interviewers will be conducting telephone interviews for the remaining households.  If we are unable to reach the households by telephone, our interviewers will visit the households to conduct face-to-face interviews.  All our interviewers will carry the Identification Card issued by the Ministry of Manpower.


5.   Selected households are kindly requested to give their co-operation and assistance to the interviewers to enable the success of the survey.  All the information furnished will be kept strictly confidential and used only for compilation of statistics.


For More Information


6.   For more information, please visit the MOM website or call MOM Contact Centre at (65) 64385122.