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Written Answer by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower, to Parliamentary Question on Use of CPF Retirement Account Funds For Haj

Notice Paper No. 418 of 2013 For The Sitting On 21 Oct 2013
Question No. 1557 For Oral Answer

MP: Ms Lee Li Lian

To ask the Acting Minister for Manpower whether Muslims who are above 55 years of age can be allowed to use part of their CPF Retirement Account for haj pilgrimages.


  1. The primary objective of the CPF is to help members save for their basic retirement needs. Members can only withdraw amounts from Retirement accounts in excess of the Minimum Sum (MS) and Medisave Required Amount (MRA). As a concession, members who are not able to set aside the full MS and MRA may still withdraw $5,000 when they turn 55. Members also have the option to pledge their property for withdrawal of Retirement account savings in excess of half the MS. Other than withdrawals in these instances, Retirement account savings are reserved for payouts in retirement and cannot be withdrawn for other purposes including haj pilgrimages.