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MoneySense National Financial Capability Survey for Singapore residents aged 40 to 59

MOM has appointed National University of Singapore (NUS) to conduct a survey to better understand financial behaviour, attitudes, knowledge and well-being of Singapore residents aged 40 to 59.

From 9 June to 30 September 2023, NUS will be reaching out to Singapore citizens and PRs aged 40 to 59 to better understand the resident population’s behaviour in dealing with financial matters, attitudes towards financial planning issues, general financial knowledge and financial wellbeing.

If you are selected for this survey, you’ll be notified by post, and an interviewer from NUS Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) Social Lab will visit your home to conduct the survey in person.

To make an appointment:

Your survey input will make a difference.

All information collected will be kept strictly confidential. The survey results will be reported in a summary format, and no response can or will be linked to you.

All interviewers are issued an authorisation letter by MOM. If you wish to verify the identity of the interviewers, you can call NUS IPS Social Lab at 6601 5559.