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MOM and the Haze

27 June 2013

Singapore is preparing for the next phase of action as hazy conditions are expected to return. The Ministry of Manpower, along with the rest of the Singapore government, is focused on helping Singaporeans continue with their daily lives, whilst keeping workers safe and minimising disruptions – in the immediate term and the longer term.

MOM urges all employers to continue to play their part: Be Vigilant, Mitigate Risks, Be Flexible. Unions are urged to continue to make sure that workers’ safety and health are safeguarded, work with employers to address workers’ concerns and ensure that the mitigation measures needed for workplace safety and health are in place. Concerns by both employers and employees were taken into consideration when designing and streamlining the daily health advisory and haze forecast. MOM will continue to work closely with all parties to ensure that life can still go on despite the haze.

For more information on MOM’s workplace safety and health advisories, please refer to:

  1. MOM advisory
  2. Employer-centric page on

For more general information on the haze, please refer to:

  2. Latest news on the haze situation from the Ministry of Health