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New Employment Agency Regulatory Framework

To raise professionalism and ensure greater level of transparency for the industry

Changes to Employment Agency Regulatory Framework

Employment agencies facilitate the matching of workers with the right skill sets to employers to raise productivity of our workforce. A robust regulatory framework will ensure effectiveness of the industry in today’s context.

The Ministry of Manpower will be implementing changes to the Employment Agency Regulatory Framework to achieve four main objectives: 

(a) Tighten enforcement against unlicensed and errant employment agencies
(b) Raise professionalism and accountability of industry stakeholders
(c) Ensure provisions and processes are relevant to today’s context
(d) Offer flexibility to cater to different needs in the industry

These objectives will benefit the industry be ensuring a higher level of professionalism and greater level of transparency as well as keeping out unlicensed players and holding all employment agency personnel accountable for their actions.

You can refer to this page for more details to better understand the changes.