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Tripartite Guidelines on Re-Employment of Older Employees Released

The final Tripartite Guidelines for Re-employment of Older Employees has been announced by the Minister for Manpower.

The finalised set of Tripartite Guidelines for Re-employment of Older Employees was announced by the Minister for Manpower Mr Gan Kim Yong at the Committee of Supply Debate on 11 March 2010. The Guidelines aim to help businesses and employees be re-employment ready, before re-employment legislation comes into force in early 2012.

The tripartite partners strongly urge employers to study the Guidelines and move quickly to adopt re-employment policies and practices. The tripartite partners also encourage employees to be flexible and take advantage of re-employment to continue to contribute to their organisations and earn a regular income.

For more about re-employment guidelines and to learn how to prepare for the 2012 reemployment legislation, visit the Re-Employment of Older Employees Portal.