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Submit quarterly management reports

Foreign employee dormitory licensees must submit quarterly management reports to MOM.

If you are a foreign employee dormitory licensee, you must submit the completed management report to at the end of every quarter.

You must submit the reports according to these dates:

For months Quarterly report must be submitted by
January to March 30 April
April to June 31 July
July to September 31 October
October to December 31 January

To help you complete the report, you can download the template for the management report.

Information to be submitted in the management report include:

  • Dormitory occupancy, e.g. occupancy rate, room take-up rate, vacancies, etc.
  • Rental rates
  • Use of amenities and facilities in the dormitory
  • Programmes and activities that took place in the dormitory
  • Transport arrangements
  • Cleaning arrangements
  • Security arrangements
  • Third-party services
  • Feedback from residents or lessees, including grievances received and actions taken by the licensee
  • Security-related incidents
  • Outstanding rental arrears