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What counts as "reasonable effort" to locate a missing foreign worker?

You must make a police report and cancel the Work Permit within 1 week of knowing that worker has gone missing.

We will only forfeit half of the security deposit if you have made reasonable efforts to locate your missing foreign worker or foreign domestic worker.

“Reasonable effort” means that you should, where applicable:

  • Check with the worker’s friends and colleagues.
  • Check with dormitory where the worker was staying.
  • Check with the worker’s employment agent.
  • Check with the embassy of the worker’s home country.

However, we may still forfeit the full $5,000 if:

  • You do not make reasonable effort to locate the workers.
  • You fail to report the missing worker within the 7 days.
  • The worker’s absence is due to some wrongdoing on your part.
Last Updated: 7 December 2018