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What are the upcoming changes to the foreign workforce policies for the construction sector from 1 Jan 2024?

The following changes will be implemented in the construction sector from 1 Jan 2024:

  • The Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC) will be reduced from 1:7 (87.5%) to 1:5 (83.3%).
  • The Man-Year Entitlement (MYE) framework will be dismantled.
  • Levy rates for Work Permit holders will be revised as follows: 
Source country or region / Tier Monthly  Daily 
NTS - Higher-skilled  $500 $16.44
NTS - Basic-skilled  $900 $29.59
Malaysia, NAS, PRC - Higher-skilled $300  $9.87
Malaysia, NAS, PRC - Basic-skilled $700  $23.02 
Off-site - Higher-skilled $250 $8.22 
Off-site - Basic-skilled  $370  $12.17 

Note: BCA will announce the facilities eligible for Off-site levy rates closer to 2024. For more information on BCA’s current Off-site Construction special scheme, refer to BCA’s website

The MYE framework will be dismantled from 1 Jan 2024 onwards, and firms will no longer need to apply for Man-Year Entitlement (MYE) or Prior Approval (PA) before applying for a Work Permit for NTS or PRC workers. The revised steps for a Work Permit application will be updated closer to 2024. Find out more.