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What other conditions must my candidate meet to earn Shortage Occupation List bonus points on COMPASS for EP applications?

For candidates applying under the COMPASS Shortage Occupation List (SOL) track, and that would not have passed COMPASS without the SOL bonus points:

  • MOM will conduct additional verification checks that they have the specialised skills required to perform the shortage occupation. For example, we may request for relevant qualifications, certificates and accreditations.
  • They will be issued an occupation-restricted EP tied to their employment in the specific shortage occupation.
  • You will be required to notify MOM if they need to be redeployed to a different job role. The candidate will be subject to reassessment of their eligibility for an EP.

If your candidate would have passed COMPASS even without the SOL bonus points, they will not be subject to the additional verification checks or occupational restrictions, unless they are applying for a longer 5-year duration EP.

For experienced tech professionals

Those with skills in shortage who apply for a longer 5-year duration EP will be subjected to the same verification checks and occupational restrictions, even if the candidates pass COMPASS without the SOL bonus points.