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How will the Shortage Occupation List for EP applications on COMPASS be identified? When will the exact occupations be announced?

The COMPASS Shortage Occupation List (SOL) is being developed through a robust evaluation process involving the tripartite partners. The review takes into account both quantitative and qualitative evidence of labour shortages.

Occupations will be considered for inclusion on the SOL based on:

  • Their relevance to Singapore’s economic priorities.
  • The degree and nature of labour shortage.
  • The sector’s progress in developing the local pipeline in the medium term to address these shortages.

MOM and sector agencies are in the process of the SOL evaluation with tripartite input. Sector agencies may also consult the relevant industry associations, businesses and stakeholders. Firms who wish to provide feedback on the SOL may contact your sector agency.

We will announce the first SOL in March 2023. Thereafter, MOM will regularly review and refresh the SOL to ensure responsiveness to industry needs and efforts to develop the local workforce.

For experienced tech professionals

Experienced tech professionals applying for specific tech occupations on the SOL may be eligible for a longer 5-year duration EP, if they meet eligibility criteria. The specific occupations eligible will be provided when the SOL is announced.