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Dormitory operators can use DormWatch to manage list of all your dormitory residents, and track and monitor their daily entry and exit.


Available for iOS and Android.

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What is DormWatch

Dormitory operators can use the app for easy tracking and monitoring of your resident list, and their entry and exit of dormitory.

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What you can do on DormWatch?

  • Generate unique and validated QR code for each room in the dormitories.
    • You can print the generated unique QR code and paste it in the respective room. Your residents must scan it to report their address using FWMOMCare. They need to report their address twice daily.
  • Manage a list of your residents
    • Use DormWatch to register new residents, or de-register outgoing residents.
    • View and make edits to a list of all your dormitory residents. Search for records using worker’s FIN or room details.
  • View your residents’ daily check-in and check-out.
    • Generate a list of your residents’ check-in and check-out entries.

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