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Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS)-HR Continuing Education Training (CET) Grant

If you’re an SgIS scholar pursuing HR studies in university, find out if you are eligible for the SgIS-HR CET Grant.

What is it

As we move towards a manpower-lean economy, there is a growing need to develop a strong pipeline of future-ready HR professionals that would help enable human capital development efforts in their organisations, and in the wider economy.

The SgIS-HR CET Grant is available for SgIS scholars pursuing HR studies in university. The grant is capped at $10,000 per scholar. It will allow SgIS scholars to continue deepening their HR expertise after their graduation, so that they can contribute more effectively in supporting their organisation’s human capital development efforts.


We welcome your application if you are:

  • Admitted into the SgIS from the 2017 scholarship cycle onwards.
  • Enrolled in an HR specialisation, major or degree in participating SgIS institutions.

SgIS scholars awarded the HR CET Grant should perform an HR role during the SgIS bond period, and demonstrate commitment to be certified under the National HR Professional Certification.

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Last Updated: 10 February 2017