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HR best practices

Learn how good HR practices makes business sense. Find out what HR means to employees, companies and Singapore. Get the latest developments affecting the HR profession.

What is Human Resources (HR) and what does it mean for every one? Take a look at what HR means for employees, companies and Singapore.

Good HR practices

These advertorials show how employers use good HR practices to improve businesses.

Advertorial About
Harnessing Your People Power How Atlas Sound & Vision and Tong Teik achieved success by harnessing the power of their people.
Upgrade Your Job Offering Let Addicon Logistics Management and PestBusters show you how strategic HR practices can make everyday jobs extraordinary.
Grow your Business with HR How The Soup Spoon and YCH Group built a sustainable human capital pipeline in a labour market thinned by competition and a greying population.
People at the Heart of Business How employees love the family culture at Goodrich Global and Teckwah Industrial Corporation and are pulling their own weight to steer their respective companies towards greater heights.

People Matters newsletter

People Matters is a series of newsletters featuring HR-related reports, research pieces and events by various government agencies and local partners in HR. It's an inter-agency pilot initiative to keep you informed of new HR developments.

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