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Preparedness is critical

Prepare your workforce, protect your workplace, partner your community. Preparedness will help to minimise loss of lives.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, we understand that your schedules are tight.

However, preparedness is critical to minimise loss of lives and profits.

We have simplified preparedness into 3 categories to make it easier for you to:

Prepare your workforceShow

You can take steps to train your employees and ready your workforce to react to a terror attack. This will minimise loss of lives and disruptions to business operations.


Train your employees and colleagues so that they can respond effectively in a crisis.

Team of responders

Identify and develop a team of responders with relevant skills to minimise damage and loss after a crisis.

Build a cohesive workforce

Build a cohesive workforce that is resilient against attacks and can recover quickly after a crisis.


Download and display the posters at your workplace. You can also give your co-workers to sensitise them to the terror threat.


Print and distribute during security drills. You can also download and give your co-workers to sensitise them to the terror threat.

Staying alert, staying united, staying strong

Also available in Bengali, Mandarin and Tamil.

Protect your workplaceShow

You can take steps to build resilience into the physical and digital infrastructure of your business, and ensure business continuity even after a terror attack.

Physical protection measures

Implement physical protection measures for your workplace.

Manage risks

Manage your workplace’s safety and security risks.

Partner your communityShow

Here are the resources you can use to create networks to help your organisation communicate information swiftly during crisis.

Enhance communication capabilities