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Lean Enterprise Development (LED) Scheme

The LED Scheme helps progressive enterprises transform and grow in the new manpower-lean landscape.

What is it

The LED Scheme supports your company to:

  • Become more manpower-lean
  • Build a stronger Singaporean core
  • Develop a better quality workforce

You can tap on the relevant assistance schemes under the LED Scheme, coordinated by a cross-agency LED taskforce comprising Enterprise SG, WSG, NTUC‘s e2i, MOM, EDB, STB, IMDA and BCA.

The LED Scheme can also provide transitional manpower support where merited, to facilitate day-to-day operations if you need more time to complete the transformation to be within the dependency ratio ceiling or quota.

You can:

  • Have temporary foreign workers while recruiting and training locals to take on better jobs.
  • Pool foreign expertise at the industry level to help transfer know-how to your local employees.

Apply for LED Scheme

Raise productivity, build capabilities and redesign jobs

To apply for support for job redesign, or to raise productivity and build capabilities for sustainable growth:

You need Corppass to log in. Apply for Corppass if you don’t have one.

Transitional manpower flexibility

To apply for support for transitional manpower flexibility:

Get help

If you need help writing your proposal, or get advice on how to grow and transform your business, contact the SME Centres or your trade associations.

If you have questions about the LED Scheme, email

For more help, you can:

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