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HR Industry Manpower Plan

The HR Industry Manpower Plan provides a clear roadmap to strengthen the HR profession and HR services sector in Singapore, to effectively partner business leaders in developing a future-ready workforce. This in turn contributes to business competitiveness and Singapore’s economic transformation.

Why was the HR Industry Manpower Plan developed

Globalisation and automation, combined with the rise of digital workplaces and mobile workforces, are changing the way businesses function and compete, and the way people work. For continued, sustainable growth, our businesses and workforce have to become more agile and relevant. Organisations that value your people as “human capital” and invest in their development will be better-positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

In this new phase of economic development, there is urgency to uplift our HR industry to also be agile, to help speed up the transformations needed for our businesses and workforce.

A strong HR industry is a key enabler in unlocking the full potential of our people and businesses. It also underpins the efforts of the 23 Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) to promote growth and competitiveness in key sectors and create good jobs for Singaporeans.

What does the HR Industry Manpower Plan cover

A Sectoral Tripartite Committee for HR comprising representatives from the tripartite partners, industry, HR bodies and associations, and academia, was set up to develop the HR Industry Manpower Plan. The Committee conducted extensive consultations with more than 700 HR and business leaders in developing its recommendations.

The HR Industry Manpower Plan sets out 3 key strategies to achieve the vision of a strong HR industry that is the key to unlock the potential of our people and businesses, namely:

  • Strengthen capabilities of the HR profession.
  • Enhance HR support for employers.
  • Nurture a vibrant HR services sector and HR eco-system.

Skills Framework for HR

The Skills Framework for HR is jointly developed by MOM, SkillsFuture Singapore and Workforce Singapore, with support from the Institute for Human Resource Professionals. It is an integral part of the HR Industry Manpower Plan. It provides clarity on skills and competencies needed for future-ready HR professionals to remain agile and relevant in supporting transformations of our businesses and workforce.

The skills and competencies in the Skills Framework will also be assessed as part of the IHRP Certification. This serves as a benchmark for HR professionalism as HR professionals up-skill, re-skill and deep-skill in line with the Skills Framework.

The IHRP Body of Competencies, which forms the base of the IHRP Certification, holistically reflects how HR professionals need to think and behave as they approach their HR functions. It is fully incorporated within the Skills Framework for HR.

HR Industry Transformation Advisory Panel

Building on the HR Industry Manpower Plan, we convened the HR Industry Transformation Advisory Panel (HRTAP), comprising HR and business leaders, representatives from the HR services sector and tripartite partners.

The panel will formulate strategies to further develop the HR services sector in Singapore. It will also propose measures to support HR professionals in walking the tech journey to better enable workforce rejuvenation and business transformation.

How HR professionals and employers can benefit

HR professionals will have more opportunities to strengthen their capabilities to unlock the potential of their organisations and people.

  • Skills Framework for HR
    You’ll be equipped with the skills necessary to remain agile and relevant, so that you can make informed decisions about career choices, and take responsibility for skills upgrading and career planning.
  • Institute for Human Resource Professionals and IHRP Certification
    Get recognised for your HR competencies and skills. You can get certified at 3 levels:
    • IHRP Certified Professional
    • IHRP Senior Professional
    • IHRP Master Professional
  • SkillsFuture Study Awards for Human Resource
    Continue to deepen your skills in the sector to be more effective in developing people strategies that benefit the workforce and support business transformation.
  • HR Leaders Programme (HRLP)
    Become a leader in the HR profession:
    • Network with global leaders and Singapore’s public sector leaders.
    • Participate in the CEO Boardroom Challenge.
    • Be exposed to real-world case studies.
    • Learn from peers across different industries.

Employers can tap on the enhanced HR support to transform and grow their businesses to stay competitive and seize new opportunities.

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