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Manage workplace diversity

Singapore’s workforce is inherently diverse due to our multi-racial community. Your organisation can get resources and a toolkit to help you manage this diversity in your workplace. 

Why adopt workplace diversity management

A diverse workforce that is well-managed can bring about better business performance and higher employee engagement. Your organisation can put in place of policies and practices to manage workplace diversity and build an inclusive and harmonious workplace.

Watch how four of Singapore’s business leaders regard workplace diversity management in their respective organisations.

Workplace Diversity Management Toolkit

Use the Workplace Diversity Management Toolkit to help your company understand the benefits of managing workplace diversity, assess the current state of diversity management and implement diversity management practices and policies.

Download the full version of the toolkit or download key components below:

Toolkit component Description
Explains the increasing diversity of our workforce and how this toolkit can help companies to manage workplace diversity.
Business case
Helps human resource practitioners identify the business case for an inclusive and harmonious workplace.

Use the self-assessment tool online

Download a hardcopy of the self-assessment tool
Assess the state of your workplace diversity management, identify gaps and highlight opportunities for improvement.
Information on the various workplace diversity management initiatives that you can introduce to foster workplace inclusiveness and harmony.
Manager’s guide
Tips for managers to be more effective in understanding and managing diverse teams.
Inclusiveness Pulse Check
Assess employees’ perception of the state of workplace inclusiveness and harmony in the organisation, the effectiveness of workplace diversity management policies and practices and your employees’ ability to work in diverse teams.
Additional resources:

Download additional resources

Download communication materials
Access additional reference material such as:
  • Sample posters to communicate the messages of inclusiveness and harmony to employees
  • Sample recruitment and exit interview questions, key competencies and behaviours expected of managers and employees and a sample appraisal form that HR practitioners can adopt
  • Links to organisation websites that provide more information on workplace diversity management

About the initiative

This initiative is brought to you by the National Integration Working Group for Workplaces (NIWG-W). The Working Group, comprising members from government, industry and the unions, was formed under the auspices of the National Integration Council to foster inclusive and harmonious workplaces in Singapore.

It augments ongoing efforts by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) to help employers in Singapore to respond effectively to the increasing diversity of our workforce.