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TraceTogether token

Employers must ensure that your work pass holders carry their TraceTogether tokens at all times.

At a glance

What is it Small and light device that allows contact tracing to be done quickly when there’s a COVID-19 case.
Who must use
  • All work pass holders in construction, marine shipyard and process sectors.
  • All work pass holders staying in dormitories.
When to use

Work pass holders must carry the token with them at all times:

  • At their dormitory or place of residence, and
  • When they leave for work, essential errands and other activities.

The token should not be used at certain worksites, such as live process plant environments. To use the token safely, it needs to be in line with your worksite’s prevailing health and safety requirements.

How to use

Carry it safely and securely, such as on a lanyard or strap.

Ensure that it does not pose any safety hazards during daily work activities.

How long does it last 4 to 6 months.
Is it waterproof It is water-resistant but not waterproof

What is TraceTogether token

TraceTogether token is a contact tracing device.

All work pass holders who meet the following criteria must wear the token at all times:

  • Work in construction, marine shipyard or process sectors.
  • Stay in dormitories.

It allows more effective contact tracing identification of close contacts. This helps to conduct contact tracing quickly and minimise disruption to your work.

Tracetogether token

How does it work

It detects other devices nearby:

  • BluePass tokens
  • TraceTogether tokens
  • Mobile phones with TraceTogether app

TraceTogether token captures proximity data using Bluetooth technology. Data older than 25 days is automatically deleted.

If a worker tests positive for COVID-19, the proximity data on the worker’s device will be sent to MOH for contact tracing. There are no confidential data stored in the token.

How to collect TraceTogether token

Your work pass holders staying at PBDs, FCDs. CTQs, TOLs or PRPs, who do not have a TraceTogether token or have lost their tokens should collect at Community Centres:

If your workers lose their TraceTogether tokens more than once, there will be a replacement charge of $9 for a new TraceTogether token.

Community Centres Operating hours
Kallang Community Centre
45 Boon Keng Road
Singapore 339771

Monday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm,
excluding public holidays.

MacPherson Community Centre
400 Paya Lebar Way
Singapore 379131

Taman Jurong Community Centre
1 Yung Sheng Road
Singapore 618495

Woodlands Galaxy Community Centre
31 Woodlands Avenue 6
Singapore 738991
Frontier Community Centre
60 Jurong West Central 3
Singapore 648346

Saturday to Monday: 10am to 6pm,
excluding public holidays.

Kaki Bukit Community Centre
670 Bedok North Street 3
Singapore 469627

How to take care of the TraceTogether token

You should inform your work pass holders that they need to take care of their tokens and keep it safe.

To avoid damaging the token:

  • Do not place it in water.
  • Do not put it near fire.
  • Do not hit it with anything.
  • Do not drop it from height.

Faulty TraceTogether token or token out of battery

Work pass holders can exchange their faulty/ damaged tokens, or tokens that have flat battery using the vending machines located at Recreation Centres for free:

For faulty tokens or tokens with flat batteries that were issued with less than 3 months, exchange can only be made at the 6 Community Centres.
Recreation centres

Cochrane Recreation Centre
100 Sembawang Drive
Singapore 756998

Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre
7 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3
Singapore 415814

Kranji Recreation Centre
11 Kranji Close
Singapore 737673

Penjuru Recreation Centre
27 Penjuru Walk
Singapore 608538

Soon Lee Recreation Centre
51 Soon Lee Road
Singapore 628088

Terusan Recreation Centre
1 Jalan Papan
Singapore 619392

Tuas South Recreation Centre
12 Tuas South Street 13
Singapore 636937

Woodlands Recreation Centre
200 Woodlands Industrial Park E7
Singapore 757177

Operating hours Refer to Recreational Centre's operating hours