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SLM & IPC Measures in Your Dormitory for Visitors and External Contractors for Phase 2 Heightened Alert

Issued on 24 May 2021

  1. With the increase in community cases, we encourage dorm operators to put in place precautionary measures to reduce the risk of external visitors or contractors importing any possible infection into the dormitories.
  2. The dormitory operator should check that the visitor / contractor carry a TraceTogether token or is using the TraceTogether App and implement the following measures for movement in and out of the premises:

    1. Maintain records of visitors/contractors’ movements in and out of the premises, including authorised purpose, intended destination and self-declaration of health status
    2. Require visitors/contractors to declare if they are under Quarantine Order, Stay Home Notice or Leave of Absence.
    3. Dorm operators are not to admit visitors/contractors who are not seen feeling well such as having acute respiratory illness (ARI) symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough in the last 14 days.
    4. Put in place temperature checks at entrance upon entering.
    5. Visitors/contractors should also adhere strictly to prevailing safe distancing measures, including wearing of mask and the following Do & Don’ts:

    DOs DON’Ts
    • Wear a mask correctly, covering nose and mouth at all times. A single-use surgical mask or re-usable fabric mask with two layers of fabric are recommended.
    • Maintain good personal hygiene, including washing their hands with soap and water frequently.
    • Use hand sanitizers before entering and after leaving the dormitory and when in contact with high touch areas, such as ATMs, lifts, doorknobs, handrails.
    • Maintain one metre safe distance at all times
    • Do not enter dormitory if you feel unwell
    • Do not touch your mask, eyes, nose and mouth
    • Do not touch your face unnecessarily
    • Avoid taking the mask on and off
    • Do not throw used PPE on the ground
  3. Within the premises, dormitory operators should prevent residents and visitors/contractors from intermixing. For example, if repair works are done in the rooms of resident, the works should only commence when the rooms have been vacated.
  4. The movement of visitors/contractors should be limited to their work areas and they should be escorted to prevent them from going beyond their authorised work areas. Dormitory staff escorting the visitors/contractors are recommended to use single-use surgical mask or reusable mask with at least two layers of fabric and maintain safe distancing.
  5. Beyond general cleaning, any work areas should undergo wiped down using NEA approved disinfectant after work completion e.g. floors should be mopped, table, chairs, and any other high touched areas disinfected.
  6. For further queries, please contact us at
  7. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against COVID-19.