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Movement Restriction Order

An Movement Restriction Order (MRO) may be issued to workers who had exposure to suspected COVID-19 positive cases, while investigations are carried out.

What is it

Movement Restriction Order (MRO) is a precautionary measure which may be imposed on migrant workers to prevent further transmission of COVID-19 arising from possible exposure to suspected cases of infection.

As part of the Additional Work Pass Conditions, all employers must take reasonable steps to ensure that their workers comply with the prevailing COVID-19 advisories and legislation issued by the Government.

Who will be affected by MRO

Migrant workers may be issued with MRO if they:

Workers may also be issued with an MRO while waiting for Quarantine Order to be served.

You are not allowed to relocate your workers to other living spaces if they are issued with an MRO.

What happens when my worker is issued with an MRO

Your worker must:

  • Remain within their room for up to 14 days while the necessary investigations and clinical assessments are carried out.
  • Adhere to safe living measures and maintain strict safe distancing while remaining within their rooms.
  • Minimise any forms of interactions with other workers living in the same space.

MOM will inform affected employers of the duration of the MRO.

The worker’s MRO will end when the suspect case is assessed to be cleared of COVID-19.

Your worker will be issued with a Quarantine Order (QO) if the suspect case is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. The QO will supersede the MRO.

Employers are responsible for their migrant workers’ well-being and must continue to provide them with food and daily necessities.

Share the following infographic which contains useful information for your workers who are on restricted movement:

Penalties for employers

Failure to comply with MRO requirements is a breach of Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA) Section 7 (4A). MOM conducts regular inspections and will take appropriate enforcement actions against non-compliance.