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Movement Restriction Order

An Movement Restriction Order (MRO) may be issued to migrant workers who test positive on an ART self-test, or when COVID-19 clusters are detected in dormitories.

What is it

A Movement Restriction Order (MRO) may be imposed on migrant workers which require them to remain in their place of residence, a recovery or isolation facility, for a stipulated period to prevent further transmission of COVID-19.

As part of the Additional Work Pass Conditions, all employers must take reasonable steps to ensure that their workers comply with the prevailing COVID-19 advisories and legislation issued by the Government.

Who will be affected by MRO

Migrant workers may be issued with MRO if:

You are not allowed to relocate your workers to other living spaces if they are issued with an MRO.

What happens when my worker is issued with an MRO

MOM will send an email to inform employers on the duration of the MRO for affected workers.

The ART kits and PCR tests required for the protocol will be provided for, or arranged by MOM.

Workers are reminded to upload their ART results on their FWMOMCare mobile application.
Group of workers Protocol if tested positive on the ART
Fully vaccinated workers who are asymptomatic
  • Recover in a dorm recovery facility (DRF) or a centralised recovery facility (CRF).
  • Repeat ART on Day 4 and / or Day 7.
  • If test result is negative on Day 4, migrant worker will be discharged from DRF / CRF and allowed to return to work, otherwise continue in DRF / CRF.
  • If test result is negative on Day 7, migrant worker will be discharged and allowed to return work.
  • If test result is positive on Day 7, remain in DRF / CRF and be discharged only on Day 10.
Unvaccinated workers
Symptomatic workers (regardless of vaccination status)
  • Undergo confirmatory PCR test.
  • Isolate in dormitory isolation facility (DIF) or swab isolation facility (SIF) while pending PCR test result.
  • If PCR test result is negative, allowed to return to work.
  • If PCR test result is positive, the worker will be conveyed to a community care facility (CCF) or hospital.
    • Unvaccinated workers – will be discharged on Day 14.
    • Fully vaccinated, symptomatic workers – will be discharged on Day 10.

Your worker’s access code should turn green by the following day after discharge.

Share the following infographic which contains useful information for your workers who are on restricted movement:

Penalties for employers

Failure to comply with MRO requirements is a breach of Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA) Section 7 (4A). MOM conducts regular inspections and will take appropriate enforcement actions against non-compliance.