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FAQs on SHN period for construction foreign employees in all housing types except FEDA and isolated dorms

COVID-19 FAQs on SHN period for foreign employees in construction sector who stay in all housing types, except dormitories licensed under FEDA and dormitories gazetted as isolation areas.

For more info, read the advisory and BCA’s FAQs.

As my foreign employees' last day of SHN is on 18 May, does this mean there won't be any movement restrictions on my foreign employees after their SHN end?Show


Your foreign employees and their dependents are still required to comply with the prevailing Circuit Breaker measures even after their SHN end on 18 May 2020, 2359 hrs.

For those not staying in dormitories, they should continue to stay in their residences and avoid going out except to purchase food and daily necessities, procure essential services or for urgent medical needs. If it is necessary for them to leave their residences, they should do so alone and return to their residences immediately after completing their errands.

For those staying in dormitories (PBDs, FCDs, CTQs and TOL quarters), daily movement in and out of the dormitories will not be allowed until 1 June 2020.

Failure to comply with the prevailing Circuit Breaker or movement restriction measures may lead to revocation of work passes and/or withdrawal of work pass privileges.

Can my foreign employees return to work after their SHN end?Show

In line with the prevailing Circuit Breaker measures, only companies which have been approved by MTI to carry out essential services can proceed with works involving their foreign employees during the Circuit Breaker period.

Before commencing any essential activities, you must ensure that:

  • Your company has been granted general or time-limited exemption from MTI’s suspension of Business Activities; AND
  • Only the employees (both local and foreign workforce) submitted to MTI can perform those essential activities.

Apply to MTI for general or time-limited exemption at https://covid.gobusiness.gov.sg.

If my foreign employees have already been approved to carry out essential services, do I need to apply for approval again?Show

No re-application is needed.

Employers, whose foreign workers have been approved by MTI to carry out essential services during the Circuit Breaker period, can continue these works, unless they receive an email notification informing them that their approvals have been terminated by MTI.

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