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FAQs on using SGWorkPass

Use SGWorkPass to check validity of Singapore work passes, long-term passes and Special Passes issued by MOM. Work Permit holders and MDWs can check their salary information.

How do I know if my workers can leave their residence for work?Show

Workers no longer need to check their AccessCode to leave their residence (dormitory or non-dormitory housing) for work.

If they are sick or tested positive for COVID-19, they should wear a mask and avoid crowded places. 

How do I update my foreign worker's residential address?Show

You can update their residential addresses using:

Their AccessCode will be refreshed 1 - 2 days after their addresses are updated in OFWAS or EP Online. If their AccessCode is not refreshed, it may mean that the dormitory operator's record is not updated. Please contact the dormitory operator to rectify this.

My worker does not have a smart phone or SIM card and cannot download the mobile applications. What should he do?Show

As an employer, you must ensure that all your Work Permit and S Pass workers download these mobile apps before they can return to work.

If your workers don't have a smartphone that allows them to download and use the mobile apps, you should help to source for it. You must treat your workers fairly and work out a mutually agreeable arrangement with your worker in paying for the phone.

You should then register your workers' update mobile numbers using OFWAS (Work Permit holders) and EP Online (S Pass holders).

You can contact the key telcos for help finding suitable smartphones:

M1 1622
M1 website
Singtel 6733 1368
StarHub 8352 8552
9140 0004
TPG Telecom 6920 0000
TPG website

Why do workers see 'Invalid' status on the SGWorkPass when I scan the QR code on their card or use the Manual FIN entry?Show

This appears when the worker's work pass has been cancelled or has expired. Workers cannot work in this instance. Employers should log into WP Online or EP Online to check and rectify the causes that made the work pass invalid.

If you have reinstated your worker’s work pass recently, please allow up to 48 hours for your worker’s AccessCode to be made available.

What should I do if I'm asked by dormitory operators / security guards / Government authorities to show that I'm permitted to leave my dormitory to work?Show

Workers no longer need to produce their AccessCode to exit dormitories or enter worksites.