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FAQs on using SGWorkPass to check AccessCode status

Foreign workers must use SGWorkPass to check if they can leave their residence for work.

How do I know if my foreign workers can leave their residence for work?Show

You can now use the AccessCode on the SGWorkPass app to check if your foreign employees can leave their residence (dormitory or non-dormitory housing) for work. The status of your employees’ AccessCode takes into account 3 broad parameters:

  • Their health
  • Their residential address
  • Whether your company is allowed to operate

They can only leave for work if their AccessCode is “Green” (can go out for work).

However, if their AccessCode is “Grey” (AccessCode does not apply) or “Red” (cannot go out for work), they are not allowed to leave for work.

Do my workers still need to check SGWorkPass for their AccessCode before they are allowed to leave their residence for work during Phase 2 of Singapore's opening?Show

Workers in the construction, process and marine sectors or staying in dormitories have to continue to use SGWorkPass to check their AccessCode, and can only leave their residence for work when it is ‘Green’.

Why do I see Grey or Red AccessCode for my foreign workers when my company had been permitted to operate during Circuit Breaker? What should I do?Show

The common reasons for a “Grey” or “Red” AccessCode even if your company had been permitted to operate during the Circuit Breaker are:

AccessCode Reasons and what you should do

You have not obtained approval to work during this period.

Construction companies and companies with construction accounts under MOM should apply to BCA. Please refer to BCA’s Advisory for the application process.

For all other sectors, apply at GoBusiness Portal (covid_gobusiness@mti.gov.sg) to obtain approval from MTI.

All companies must also ensure their workers’ residential addresses are updated in OFWAS (Work Permit) or EP Online (S Pass or EP).

  • Your worker’s residential address has not been updated in OFWAS or EP Online;
  • Your worker is staying in commercial premises / factory.

Please apply to convert such premises / factory into a temporary living quarter (TLQ).

My foreign employees were approved as essential workers and they have been working throughout the Circuit Breaker period. Why does SGWorkPass AccessCode now show a Grey status for them? Can they continue to work?Show

All companies should check the GoBusiness Portal to find out if they are allowed to resume operations.

If your workers’ AccessCode status is displaying “Grey” (AccessCode does not apply) even though you are permitted to operate, please approach your respective lead agencies for assistance:

Your company sector Who to approach

Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

  1. Download and fill in the feedback on workers’ SGWorkPass status.
  2. Email it to bca_safeworkforce@bca.gov.sg.
All other sectors GoBusiness Portal

Please also ensure your employees’ residential addresses are updated as it is one of the components that affects the AccessCode status.

My foreign workers don't stay in dormitories and are not infected with COVID-19. Why is their SGWorkPass AccessCode status Red when they had been allowed to work and were working during the Circuit Breaker period?Show

As the status of your employees’ AccessCode takes into account 3 broad parameters, it is possible that your employees’ AccessCode is reflected as “Red” if their residential addresses have not been updated with MOM.

As such, please ensure their residential addresses are kept updated.

How do I update my foreign worker's residential address?Show

You can update their residential addresses using:

If their residential addresses have changed, please update their address and wait 1 to 2 days for their AccessCode status to be updated.

What should I do if I'm asked by dormitory operators / security guards / Government authorities to show that I'm permitted to leave my dormitory to work?Show

You may be asked to produce your work pass card to dormitory operators, security guards or Government authorities. They will use SGWorkPass to scan and confirm that you can leave for work.

Alternatively, you may be asked to scan your card using SGWorkPass and show the display to the relevant personnel.

You are only allowed to leave your residence for work if SGWorkPass shows “Can go out for work” (“Green” status).

Can I leave my dormitory for card registration so that I can get my work pass card?Show

Unless your dormitory is declared by ITF to be cleared of COVID-19 infections, you are not allowed to leave for card registration or other work pass transactions.

Meanwhile, you can continue to use the Notification Letter to prove you have a valid stay in Singapore. The validity of your Notification Letter will be automatically extended.

Does AccessCode apply to foreign domestic workers (FDWs)?Show

The AccessCode is not applicable to FDWs. They can continue to work for their employers, as well as leaving home to buy food or groceries for the household.

My foreign worker doesn't have a smartphone or SIM card, and can't download mobile apps. What should I do?Show

As an employer, you must ensure that all your Work Permit and S Pass workers download these mobile apps before they can return to work.

This will help to protect your workers, and prevent COVID-19 transmissions at the workplace and at their place of accommodation.

If your workers don’t have a smartphone that allows them to download and use the mobile apps, you should help to source for it. You must treat your workers fairly and work out a mutually agreeable arrangement with your worker in paying for the phone.

You should then register your workers’ update mobile numbers using OFWAS (Work Permit holders) and EP Online (S Pass holders).

You can contact the key telcos for help finding suitable smartphones:

M1 1622
M1 website
Singtel 6733 1368
StarHub 8352 8552
9140 0004

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