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FAQs on using SGWorkPass to check AccessCode status

Migrant workers must use SGWorkPass to check if they can leave their residence for work.

How do I know if my migrant workers can leave their residence for work?Show

You can now use the AccessCode on SGWorkPass to check if your migrant workers can leave their residence (dormitory or non-dormitory housing) for work. The status of your worker's AccessCode takes into account 3 broad parameters:

  • Their health
  • Their residential address
  • Whether your company and / or worker is allowed to resume work

They can only leave for work if their AccessCode is "Green" (can go out for work).

However, if their AccessCode is "Red" (cannot go out for work), they are not allowed to leave for work.

How do I find out why a worker's AccessCode is “Red”?Show

Your workers can use the SGWorkPass to find out why their AccessCode is "Red" (i.e. Cannot go out for work). Some of the reasons are:

  • Worker's health status is not cleared
    • Worker has been tested positive for COVID-19 and not recovered.
    • Worker is on Movement Restriction Order or Stay-Home Notice.
  • Worker's place of stay is not cleared

To see this information in SGWorkPass, your workers can:

  • Scan the Quick Response (QR) code on their work pass cards.
  • Tap on the AccessCode colour bar to find out the reasons for "Red" AccessCode.

Employers can also download the AccessCode details of their Employment Pass, S Pass and Work Permit holders from Safe@Work. For more information, please refer to the Safe@Work eService onboarding guide.

Am I able to access all my workers' AccessCode status and details, instead of checking individually using SGWorkPass?Show

From 12 July 2020, employers can download the AccessCode details of their workers from Safe@Work. For a start, AccessCode statuses of workers who hold a Work PermitS Pass and Employment Pass will be available.

Please refer to the Safe@Work eService onboarding guide for more information.

My worker's AccessCode is “Red” and their AccessCode details shows “No approval to start work”. What should I do?Show

All companies (except construction companies) should check the GoBusiness Portal to find out if they are allowed to resume operations.

My worker's AccessCode details show a red status for “COVID-19 Infection”. What does it mean?Show

The red status is either because:

  • Active COVID: Your worker is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. Please advise him to wear a mask and avoid close contact with others. A healthcare professional and/or government officer will contact your worker shortly.
  • Require re-test. This is being arranged: A re-test will be arranged for your worker. Please advise him to wear a mask and avoid close contact with others while waiting for the re-test.
  • Missed swab, cannot work: Your worker has missed his rostered routine testing (RRT) appointment. Please schedule an appointment for him to go for his swab test immediately.
  • Required swab: Your worker doesn’t have a valid swab. If your worker is entering any worksite or staying in a dormitory, you must schedule an appointment to go for swab test immediately.

Your worker is not allowed to go out in all the above situations.

My worker's AccessCode details show instructions for corrective action under “Place of stay”. What does this mean?Show

You need to make corrections based on the instructions:

  • Worker did not scan room QR code daily. Remind worker to scan: Our records show that your worker has not been doing this. Please get them to scan the QR code in their room using FWMOMCare every day.
  • Employer and worker reported different addresses. Update immediately:
    • Either the address in OFWAS (for Work Permit holders) or EP Online (for all other work passes) is inaccurate or the QR code which your worker is scanning is incorrect. Please update the worker's address or check with the dormitory operator on the QR code and reprint it if necessary.

    For workers in Dorm Recovery Facility (DRF) or Centralised Recovery Facility (CRF)

    If they had scanned the QR code at one of these facilities, please ignore the instruction on SGWorkPass to update the address. After they have been discharged from the facilities, they must scan the QR code in their dormitory upon their return.

  • Not available. Employer must update OFWAS/EP Online immediately: You must register your worker’s residential address with MOM. Please do so immediately in OFWAS or EP Online.
  • Unapproved premises. Please relocate him to approved housing: Your worker can only reside in approved residential premises. Please update the corresponding new address in OFWAS or EP Online.

My worker's AccessCode details for “Place of stay” show a description “Given temporary exemption”. What does it mean?Show

This means that the worker's place of stay is temporarily excluded from being used to determine the colour status of his AccessCode.

My worker’s AccessCode details for “Stay-Home Notice” show a description “Health Risk Warning”. What does it mean?Show

Your worker is a close contact of a COVID-19 positive case on Isolation Order and is issued with a 7-day Health Risk Warning (HRW). You will also receive an email from MOM on the worker’s HRW.

During the HRW, please ensure your worker complies with the following before leaving the dormitory:

  • 1st day of HRW: Do a self-swab Antigen Rapid Test (ART) under the supervision of Dorm Operator or Forward Assurance and Support Teams (FAST).
  • 2nd to 7th day of HRW: Do a self-swab ART daily.

If the result is:

  • Negative, they can leave the dormitory. Please remind them to minimise unnecessary social interactions. 
  • Positive, they must follow the management protocol, and cannot leave the dormitory.

How do I update my migrant worker's residential address?Show

You can update their residential addresses using:

  • OFWAS for Work Permit holders
  • EP Online for Employment Pass and S Pass holders

Their AccessCode will be refreshed 1-2 days after their addresses are updated in OFWAS or EP Online. If their AccessCode is not refreshed, it may mean either of the following:

  • Your worker has failed to scan the QR code in his room using FWMOMCare.
  • The dormitory operators' record is not updated. Please contact the dormitory operator to rectify this.

Does AccessCode apply to migrant domestic workers (MDWs)?Show

The AccessCode is not applicable to MDWs. They can continue to work for their employers, as well as leaving home to buy food or groceries for the household.

What must I do if SGWorkPass is not showing my migrant worker's AccessCode?Show

Please ensure your worker has installed the latest version of SGWorkPass for their AccessCode to be shown in the app.

My worker does not have a smart phone or SIM card and cannot download the mobile applications. What should they do?Show

As an employer, you must ensure that all their Work Permit and S Pass workers download these mobile apps before they can return to work.

This will help to protect the worker, and prevent transmissions at the workplace and at their place of accommodation.

If your workers don't have a smartphone that allows them to download and use the mobile apps, you should help to source for it. You must treat your workers fairly and work out a mutually agreeable arrangement with your worker in paying for the phone.

You should then register your workers’ updated mobile numbers using OFWAS (Work Permit holders) and EP Online (S Pass holders).

You can contact the key telcos for help finding suitable smartphones:

M1 1622
M1 website
Singtel 6733 1368
StarHub 8352 8552
9140 0004

Why do workers see “Invalid” status on SGWorkPass when I scan the QR code on their card or use manual FIN entry?Show

This appears when the worker's work pass is invalid due to reasons such as the pass has not been issued or have expired. Workers cannot work in this instance. Employers should log into WP Online or EP Online to check and rectify the causes that made his pass invalid.

I have reinstated my worker's work pass successfully and the SGWP now shows “Valid” but “AccessCode is being updated. It will be available within 48 hours”. Why is it not available even though I have already renewed the worker's work pass?Show

Due to data transfer process, it will take up to 48 hours for your worker's AccessCode status to be restored. In the meantime, he should not go to work until his AccessCode status is restored and is "Green". System enhancements are ongoing to improve the data transfer process.

What should I do if I'm asked by dormitory operators / security guards / Government authorities to show that I'm permitted to leave my dormitory to work?Show

You may be asked to produce your work pass card to dormitory operators, security guards or Government authorities. They will use SGWorkPass to scan and confirm that you can leave for work.

Alternatively, you may be asked to scan your card using SGWorkPass and show the display to the relevant personnel.

You are only allowed to leave your residence for work if SGWorkPass shows "Can go out for work" ("Green" status).

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