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FAQs on using SGWorkPass to check AccessCode status

Foreign workers must use SGWorkPass to check if they can leave their residence for work.

How do I know if my foreign workers can leave their residence for work?Show

You can now use the AccessCode on the SGWorkPass app to check if your foreign workers can leave their residence (dormitory or non-dormitory housing) for work. They can only leave for work if the app shows “Can go out for work” (“Green” status).

For workers:

  • Staying in dormitories, they cannot leave if their status is either “Grey” or “Red”. 
  • Not staying in dormitories, they cannot go to work if their status is “Grey”. This is because they have not been approved to work at their employer’s premises, or the company/workplace has not been permitted to operate. They should stay at home if their status is “Red”.

Does the AccessCode apply to foreign domestic workers (FDWs)?Show

The AccessCode is not applicable to FDWs. They can continue to work for their employers and leave the house to buy food or groceries.

What should I do if I'm asked by dormitory operators / security guards / Government authorities to show that I'm permitted to leave my dormitory to work?Show

You may be asked to produce your work pass card to dormitory operators, security guards or Government authorities. They will use the SGWorkPass app to scan and confirm that you can leave for work.

Alternatively, you may be asked to scan your card using the SGWorkPass app and show the display to the relevant personnel. 

You are only allowed to leave your residence for work if the SGWorkPass app shows “Can go out for work” (“GREEN” status).

Can I leave my dormitory for card registration so that I can get my work pass card?Show

Unless your dormitory is declared by ITF to be cleared of COVID-19 infections, you are not allowed to leave for card registration or other work pass transactions. 

Meanwhile, you can continue to remain in Singapore using your notification letter. We will automatically extend the expiry date of your notification letter to give you more time to make an appointment for card registration.