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FAQs on second job arrangements

More info on how employers can support your employees who take on a second job.

How do I support my employees who wish to take on a second job?Show

Your employees can find support at:

My employee fell sick on the day they were only working for their second employer. As the first employer, am I required to provide sick leave and medical benefits?Show


The first employer is only required to provide sick leave and medical benefits for days when the employee is scheduled to work for them.

My employee has secured a second job and suffered from a work injury while working for the second employer. Which employer should be responsible for the workplace injury compensation?Show

The second employer is responsible for workplace injury compensation as the employee was injured during the course of employment for the second employer.

An employee worked for first employer in the morning, and second employer in the afternoon. The employee fell sick and was unable to report to work. Are both employers required to provide sick leave and medical benefits?Show


However, both employers would only be required to provide a pro-rated day of paid sick leave, assuming that the employee has worked for more than 3 months for both employers.

I have excess manpower. Can I transfer my foreign employees to another company?Show

If you don’t intend to continue employing your foreign employees, you can transfer them to other companies that are facing manpower shortages.

For Work Permit holders, hiring firms are required to meet prevailing criteria under their respective sectors. You can refer to the respective sector webpages for more information:

For S Pass and EP holders, hiring companies can submit the work pass applications using EP Online. You should use the EP / S Pass Self-Assessment Tool to check on the foreign employee’s eligibility before you apply.

Can my foreign employee take on freelance service contract as a second job?Show

No, foreign employees are not permitted to work as freelancers.

If I cease my operations when my employees are at their second job, do I need to make special arrangements?Show


However, you should communicate the intentions of retrenchment to your employees early, and pay all wages due including payment in lieu of notice and retrenchment benefit by the last day of work.

Can I stop my employees from taking on a second job?Show

No, unless the employment contract prohibits moonlighting or there is a conflict of interest.

Employers should be considerate and supportive towards employees’ circumstances during this period. Employers are encouraged to waive contractual prohibitions against taking on a second job and help employees resolve conflicts of interest where possible given that they initiated the reduced work hours and reduced salaries to save costs.

As the first employer, how do I send my employees for training, but some of them took on a second job?Show

You should discuss with your employees on the training commitments that may fall on days that he/she is not working for you, and work out a mutually agreeable arrangement.

Employers should be flexible and supportive when employees take on a second job to supplement their income.

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