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FAQs on safe return to work

Find out more about dormitory clearance, AccessCode and how you can get your workers to return to work safely.

Dormitory clearance

When will my workers' dormitory be declared COVID-cleared?Show

The Inter-Agency Task Force (ITF) is systematically and progressively clearing all remaining dormitories. It is expected that by the beginning of August all dormitories with the exception of a few blocks within the dormitories serving as quarantine facilities will be cleared.

Why is there a need to do repeat tests to ascertain if my worker has a COVID-19 infection?Show

We may need to obtain two or more blood samples to test for the amount of antibodies a worker has.

If the worker does not have enough antibodies, they will need to undergo a swab test to check if they have the COVID-19 infection.

If they are found to be COVID-19 positive, they will be tested until they have fully recovered.

Why is there a need to move my workers to a different room within the dormitory, temporary accommodation sites or community care facilities multiple times?Show

If your workers are tested positive with a COVID-19 infection, they will be transferred to another room within the dormitory or outside of the dormitory to be treated.

They may also be moved multiple times to different temporary accommodation sites during their journey of recovery depending on their health status and the situation at that point in time.

Rest assured that we will provide all the medical care they need until they recover.

My workers have recovered, but why are they not sent back to their dormitory?Show

FAST Teams are working with dormitory operators to make space for blocks for recovered workers (BRW) to ensure that recovered workers will be sent back to a COVID-cleared room.

Workers will have to wait for their dormitory to complete the necessary preparations.

Why is my workers' dormitory scheduled for clearance later than others?Show

There is a systematic process to test workers, segregate and treat them so that those who are not infected or recovered can be moved into COVID-cleared rooms or blocks.

This process considers the level of infection and capacity of dormitories. These considerations play a part in scheduling dormitories for testing clearance and cause the indicative dormitory clearance forecast to change.

At which stage of testing are my workers at?Show

Workers living in the dormitory may be at different testing stages. This depends on their test results and the stage of recovery they are at. There will be times where tests need to be repeated to ascertain if they are infected with COVID-19.

You can contact your dormitory operator or workers to know which test they have taken.

Workers can access FWMOMCare to know their test result.

Employers can also know if workers have recovered or cleared of the COVID-19 infection through Safe@Work.

You can also refer to the 6 milestone for workers’ safe return to work – milestone 2 for an overview of testing and estimated timeline of each stage.

Why is there a need for multiple visits by officers from the ITF to the dormitory? Show

To ensure that all workers can return to work safely, officers will inspect dormitories periodically to make sure that workers are observing safe distancing measures and that the dormitory has put in place safe living measures. Officers will also render assistance to workers who may have problems with downloading the mandatory mobile apps.


Why do my workers not have an AccessCode?Show

Your workers’ work pass may have been cancelled or expired. You should check the validity of your workers’ work pass online.

If you have reinstated your worker’s work pass recently, please allow up to 48 hours for your worker’s AccessCode to be made available.

When will my workers' AccessCode turn green?Show

Your workers’ AccessCode will turn green if:

  • You have obtained approval from MTI, EDB or BCA for your workplace to restart.
  • Worker is cleared or recovered from COVID-19.
  • Worker is not serving a Movement Restriction Order or Stay-Home Notice.
  • Worker has installed TraceTogether.
  • Workers’ place of stay is declared COVID-cleared.

You can refer to Understanding AccessCode for more details.

I have received approval to resume work, my workers are all tested negative for COVID-19 and are now staying in another residence but why are their AccessCodes still red?Show

Records of your workers’ address may not have matched.

If your worker is staying in a dormitory, the QR-code address scanned through Safe@Home (in FWMOMCare) must match with the dormitory’s nominal roll, and address updated in OFWAS or EP Online.

If you have relocated your workers to a Temporary Living Quarter (TLQ), please ensure that the address is accurately updated in OFWAS (for Work Permit holders) or EPOL (for S Pass and EP holders). The address should match with the address in your application. Please submit any changes to the TLQ address to

Please also check with the previous dormitory operator if they have removed your workers from the dormitory’s nominal roll and submitted the changes to MOM via DormWatch or Tenant Management System.

If the previous dormitory operator did not de-register your worker, the worker’s name will continue to appear in the dormitory’s nominal roll, leading to inaccurate addresses recorded in the system.

You must also ensure the current dormitory operator register your workers in their nominal roll.

I have received approval to resume work, my workers are all tested negative for COVID-19 and my workers' dormitory is declared COVID-cleared. Why are their AccessCodes still red?Show

If your worker was previously staying in another dormitory or temporary accommodation site, please check with the dormitory operator to de-register the workers from the dormitory’s nominal roll.

If your worker is now staying in a cleared dormitory, please ensure the dormitory operator has included the worker in the dormitory’s nominal roll, which should be submitted to MOM via DormWatch or Tenant Management System.

You should also update OFWAS (for Work Permit holders) or EP Online (for S Pass and EP holders) to the same address. If this is not done, we will not be able to identify that the worker is staying in a cleared dormitory.

I have workers who are not infected with COVID-19, and are staying at uncleared dormitories / blocks. However, their AccessCodes are green. Are they allowed to leave for work?Show

Workers residing in uncleared dormitories / blocks are generally not allowed to leave for work.

However, exceptions apply for recovered workers. Recovered workers are allowed to leave uncleared dormitories / blocks for work, provided their AccessCodes are green.

In SGWorkPass, recovered workers should see a green status for “COVID-19 Infection” with the description “Recovered”.

Dormitory operators will ensure that eligible recovered workers can leave for work by verifying that they are Green.

How do I know if my worker has recovered?Show

The recovered worker should have a green status for “COVID-19 Infection” in SGWorkPass, and the description should be “Recovered”.

Employers can also download the AccessCode details of your workers from Safe@Work. The AccessCode status of workers who hold a Work Permit or S Pass will be available.

Downloading the AccessCode details for EP holders will be available in the next update.

You can read the Safe@Work onboarding guide for more info.

Is it safe to allow the workers to get back to work? Why are recovered workers from uncleared dormitories allowed to return to work now when previously they were not allowed to?Show

These recovered workers are safe and ready to return to work. Previously, they were not able to do so as some residents in their dormitories / blocks are still serving their isolation. In consultation with the Ministry of Health, the Inter-Agency Task Force has put in place additional decontamination measures to allow these recovered workers to leave the dormitories to resume work safely, without compromising public health.

The dormitory must establish a separate decontamination area at the entry / exit points to sanitise arms and footwear before recovered workers are allowed to leave the dormitory. As the virus may cling to the workers’ footwear, hands, etc, having a decontamination area will ensure that they do not carry the virus out of the dormitory. The decontamination area will be inspected by FAST teams to ensure proper setup.

There are fewer than 6 workers are residing in Temporary Living Quarters (TLQ), why are TLQs included in the dormitory clearance schedule?Show

TLQs that are approved for a maximum capacity of 7 or more residents will have to put in place safe living measures and declared COVID-cleared before the AccessCode details for “Place of stay” can turn green.

My workers are staying in an approved TLQ, why is the icon for “Place of Stay” still red?Show

When a TLQ is approved, workers can start living there but it does not mean it is declared COVID-cleared.

If the TLQ has been registered to house a maximum capacity of 7 workers or more, it has to go through a clearance process.

I have done all the necessary steps for my AccessCode to turn green but why is it still red?Show

Due to data transfer process, it will take up to 48 hours for the system to be updated with recent changes.

We are constantly working on system enhancements to improve the data transfer process.

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