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FAQs on precautionary measures

Find out what employers need to do to put in place precautionary measures at your workplace to safeguard your employees.

What precautionary measures can employers take at the workplace to safeguard the workplace from COVID-19?Show

To ensure COVID-safe workplaces, employers should put in place Safe Management Measures to take care of:

  • Your workers.
  • Your workplaces.
  • Those who may become unwell at your workplaces.

Can employers defer periodic medical examinations for employees exposed to the prescribed hazards required under the Workplace Safety and Health (Medical Examinations) Regulations to a later date in view of COVID-19? Is it possible to request for an extension of the submission deadline?Show

Yes, the employer may write in to MOM at to request for an extension of the deadline for submission of the Summary Report and Register of Employees. Please include the workplace number and the name of the hazard in your request.

Can occupiers defer their mandatory Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) audits to a later date as they exit the Circuit Breaker period?Show

If your mandatory SHMS audit was due during the Circuit Breaker period, you must conduct your audit within 2 months from the date you resume workplace operations.

If you resumed your operations on 2 June, you must conduct your mandatory audit before 2 August.

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