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FAQs on Movement Restriction Order

Information for employers with workers placed on Movement Restriction Order (MRO).

Will there be any levy waiver if my workers are on MRO?Show

MOM will automatically waive levies for workers on MRO.

My worker has a returning flight home but has been placed on MRO, can they be exempted from this movement order?Show

You must reschedule your worker’s flight as they can only leave Singapore after their MRO is lifted.

If your worker is confirmed to be a close contact of a COVID-19 positive case, he will have to complete his quarantine order before leaving Singapore.

If your worker is travelling for compassionate reasons, they can approach the Forward Assurance Support Team (FAST) officers on ground for assistance. Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

My worker is currently serving MRO and is feeling unwell. What should I do?Show

If your worker is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, including acute respiratory infections, chest pain, breathing difficulty, fever, or any other critical medical condition, you must call 995 immediately.

Otherwise, your worker can use the ‘Call-A-Doc’ function in FWMOMCare to get medical help.

Employers are to bear the costs for non-COVID-19 related medical transport or evacuation.

Why is my worker’s AccessCode still showing red even though the MRO has been lifted?Show

You can contact our Forward Assurance Support Team (FAST) officers on ground for assistance.

Why is there a need to move my workers to Centralised Recovery Facility (CRF) or Community Isolation Facility (CIF)?Show

If your workers are tested positive with a COVID-19 infection, they will be transferred to either CRF or CIF. This is to isolate them from other workers and allow proper recovery.