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FAQs on movement of migrant workers between cleared dormitories

Find out more about movement of workers between dormitories and rooming arrangements.

I am a dormitory operator / employer. How do I check that the worker is healthy and not serving Quarantine Order (QO) or Stay-Home Notice (SHN), before moving the worker out of the dormitory?Show

You can check the workers’ individual AccessCode status on the SGWorkPass mobile app.

The AccessCode status should show that the worker has been “Cleared” or “Recovered” and is not on QO or SHN.

I am a dormitory operator. What if I am not able to ensure that there will be no inter-mixing between the new residents who need to be roomed separately and the rest of residents during the onboarding period, or if I do not have enough space in my dormitory to room these workers separately?Show

If dormitory operators are unable to room new residents separately during the Onboarding Period, they may request that the employers send their workers for RRT before admitting their workers into the dormitory.

If the worker is tested negative, the worker need not be roomed separately upon entering the dormitory as a new resident.

I am a dormitory operator. How do I check whether a new resident has been tested COVID-negative within the past 14 days before admitting them?Show

You should check with the employer for documentary proof of the new resident’s RRT swab result. Employers who arrange for their workers’ RRT through the HPB Swab Registration System (SRS) can check for the swab results on the SRS or Safe@Work portal, and should furnish such information to dormitory operators when requested, to facilitate the admission of new residents and identify if they must be roomed separately.

If the worker is tested COVID-negative They would be automatically scheduled for a subsequent appointment, which the employer would be able to view via the SRS.
If the worker is tested COVID-positive The employer would be separately notified.

For more information on SRS:

After the new resident's onboarding period, can they be re-roomed with other existing residents from the same worksite?Show

Yes, after the onboarding period, new residents can reside in the same room as other existing residents from the same employer.

I am a dormitory operator / employer. Do I need to indicate the onboarding requirements (e.g. separate rooming arrangements) in the tenancy agreement with new residents?Show


From 14 September 2020, dormitory operators are to ensure that the required separate rooming arrangements for new residents during the onboarding period are specified in the dormitory occupancy agreement. This will help make clear the requirements for the onboarding period to the new residents and their employers.

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