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FAQs on medical support for migrant workers after clearance of dormitories

Find out more about the transitionary medical support plan and what to do when your workers are sick.

Transitionary medical support plan

Why do we need a medical support plan after dorms are cleared?Show

Even as dormitories are cleared, it is important to ensure that migrant workers continue to receive the necessary medical support, and to press on with active public health surveillance to detect and manage new clusters early and effectively.

What is in the post-dorm clearance medical support plan?Show

From 28 August 2020, the Government will implement three main channels of medical support for migrant workers. This includes medical centres, telemedicine and mobile clinical teams.

There will be onsite medical centres in each of the 5 largest PBDs and other medical centres set up in various regions of Singapore. These medical centres have a comparative level of care to outpatient services provided by GPs, including simple acute and chronic care management, as well as mental health. Telemedicine is also available to all migrant workers via the FWMOMCare mobile application everyday, at all hours. Mobile clinical teams will be activated in the event of an emerging cluster.

Employers whose workers reside in the community (e.g. PRPs and HDB flats) have the additional options of bringing their workers to polyclinics, Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) and GP clinics, including some GP clinics that have been designated by the Government to serve migrant workers and are required to submit relevant data for public health surveillance.

Must I pay for my worker's medical treatment at the medical centres?Show

The Government will bear the cost of medical treatments borne at the Government-provided channels under this transitionary medical support plan.

However, if your worker is assessed to require further diagnosis and specialist care, they will be referred to other appropriate care facilities such as polyclinics, hospitals and specialist clinics. For costs borne at these facilities, employers are expected to bear the costs, as per their obligations under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

What to do when workers are sick

My worker is unwell and is in their dormitory. What should I do?Show

You should ensure that your worker seeks medical attention at a medical centre for migrant workers.

All such visits should be made via appointment and dedicated transport, by calling the managing agent in charge of the region where your worker is in. You should ensure that the operator of the dormitory your worker resides in makes such arrangements via the managing agent.

Alternatively, your worker can also seek medical attention via Telemedicine, which they can access via the FWMOMCare mobile application.

My worker is unwell and is at their workplace. What should I do?Show

If your worker resides in a dormitory, you should call the managing agent in charge of the region of your worker’s place of residence, to arrange for their visit to the Government-provided medical centre. Your worker should be sent back to their dormitory after the consultation.

If your worker resides in the community (i.e. PRPs or HDB flats), you can bring your worker to the nearest GP clinic, Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC), or polyclinic for medical attention at your own cost. You should ensure that your worker has dedicated transport to the clinic and to return home after the consultation.

For all medical emergencies, you should send your worker to the nearest hospital emergency department.

My foreign workers have used up their hospitalisation leave due to movement restrictions in dormitories. Should I give additional sick leave if they fall sick after resuming work?Show

Given the unprecedented circumstances faced by foreign workers at dormitories, we strongly encourage you to be compassionate and grant additional outpatient sick or hospitalisation leave to your foreign workers who don’t have enough sick leave for the rest of 2020. This includes reimbursement costs for medical consultation.

My employer deducted my hospitalisation leave when my movements were restricted in dormitories and I've used up all my hospitalisation leave. What should I do if I fall sick after resuming work?Show

You should talk to your employer and reach a mutual agreement on how the days of absence should be treated.

MOM strongly encourages employers to grant additional outpatient sick leave and hospitalisation leave, on a pro-rated basis, for the rest of 2020.

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