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FAQs on one-time flu vaccination exercise for migrant workers

More info for employers about the one-time flu vaccination exercise for migrant workers.

Is the flu vaccination exercise compulsory?Show

The flu vaccination exercise is not compulsory.

However, as employers of eligible workers, you are strongly encouraged to register your workers for flu vaccines. This is to prevent the spread of flu or flu-like symptoms at your workers’ residences and worksites.

What type of workers are eligible for this vaccination exercise?Show

MOM’s flu vaccination exercise is applicable to:

  • All migrant workers in the construction, marine or process sectors, whether they stay in dormitories or in the community.
  • All migrant workers who stay in dormitories.

This include Work Permit, S Pass and Special Pass holders.

Other MOM pass holders (e.g. EP), Singapore citizens or PRs can be vaccinated at GP clinics, polyclinics or hospitals.

Can I ask my workers to pay for the vaccinations themselves?Show

As an employer, you are encouraged to register and pay for the vaccination of your workers.

What should I do if my workers don't want to be vaccinated?Show

You should ensure that your workers are agreeable and willing to be vaccinated before signing them up.

How do I change my worker's appointment date, time or site?Show

You can request to change appointments at www.mom.gov.sg/register-flu-vaccine-queries.

How do I know if my worker's appointment has been confirmed?Show

Your worker’s appointments are automatically confirmed unless MOM informs you of any changes.

You should inform your worker to go for their vaccination at the indicated site, date and time.

What should I do if I can't download the registration template?Show

You need to download the registration template on your laptop or computer.

If you still can’t download, you can feedback to us at www.mom.gov.sg/register-flu-vaccine-queries.

I can't find my worker's dormitory in the dormitory listing. Can I still register my worker for the flu vaccination?Show


If your worker’s dormitory is not listed, follow the instructions in the registration form to indicate either:

  • HPB Regional Screening Centre where your worker already has an RRT appointment scheduled
  • Nearest Regional Medical Centre (RMC)

Does the special rate of $25 per flu vaccine include GST?Show

Yes, it is $25 nett, including GST.

Can I get any government funding or grant if I arrange for all my staff to go for flu vaccination?Show

The special rate of $25 per flu vaccination is only applicable to migrant workers who meet the eligibility.

Which flu vaccine will be used in this exercise?Show

The Health Sciences Authority’s registered vaccines will be used for this one-time flu vaccination exercise.

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