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FAQs on flexible work arrangements (FWAs)

More info for employers to allow your employees to work from home where possible.

Can employees work remotely in view of the virus?Show

Heightened safe distancing measures to suspend activities at most workplace premises were put in place from 7 April 2020 to 1 June 2020 (“Circuit Breaker”).

All employees must work from home except for a tightened list of essential services. All businesses activities that cannot be carried out from home must be suspended. For essential services, employers must nonetheless ensure that all activities that can take place through telecommuting are done from home.

Should employers allow FWAs for employees placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) / Stay-Home Notice (SHN)?Show

Employers could consider allowing employees on LOA/SHN to work from home.

During the LOA/SHN period, employers must ensure that employees stay away from the workplace. To minimise any short term work disruption that may arise due to employees being placed on LOA/SHN, employers could consider adopting flexible work arrangements to allow the employees to work from home.

If working from home is not possible, employers can consider these options.